This young and beautiful mother has held up well, not only as an actress and model, but also as a businesswoman. Nevertheless, some people could easily identify her as a feminist and formidable speaker. Telli Swift is widely known for being on the E! entertainment reality series, WAGS Atlanta, which premiered in November 2018. She is currently the fiancé of Deontay Wilder who is well known for his boxing craft.

The Filipino-American model has been involved in various modeling events from magazines to commercials including festivals. Swift was also able to participate in various beauty pageants. The mother of two has always led a glamorous and interesting life, but she has so many passions and one of them includes empowering women. You should want to know more about the exciting life of Telli Swift, read the profile below to follow her some more.

Telli Swift – Biography,

Whose birth name is Shuntel Swift was Telli Swift was born in Zambales, Philippines on January 24, 1987 to her father, Reginald Swift, who was a traveling man and mother, Vivian Crawford. She spent much of her early life growing up in Japan with her brother, Reginald Jr. Her exposure and exciting life comes from the fact that they moved around a lot in different countries around the world and hardly stayed in one place to because of the nature of his father’s work.

For this reason, details regarding the schools she attended are hard to come by. However, it is common knowledge that she studied nursing while specializing in the emergency department after moving to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, this pursuit ended when she became pregnant with her first child. She left her studies to be able to take care of her family.

Swift was reportedly the wife of her first love at the age of 19. In 2007, she welcomed her first child, a son named Kerron, with her ex-husband, who has yet to be identified by the media. The couple, due to irreconcilable differences, separated after years of being together.

In 2015 at the Los Angeles airport, Telli Swift would meet her current boyfriend and fiancé Deontay Wilder who was then married to his ex-wife Jessica. He filed for divorce and was separated from his wife in 2017 when Telli became pregnant with his child. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter they named Kaorii Lee Wilder, on March 7, 2018.

During the broadcast of the E! Deontay approached Swift for one of the show’s episodes in January 2018.

What to know about Deontay Wilder’s partner and role model

Without a doubt, there are things you don’t know about this beautiful black-Filipino-American model. Given that, here are the facts you can’t afford not to know about Wilder’s partner.

1. Telli Swift was a child model

Swift began her modeling career as a child, which saw her involved in various magazines and advertisements from the age of three. Following her mother’s advice, she participated in several beauty contests. She also worked for the modeling agency XXotic angles for a while as a young adult.

2. She is a philanthropist

Telli Swift is involved in many charities. She was among many celebrities who participated in a reality show called Stars Strike 4 Fund, which was produced with the aim of raising funds and awareness for different organizations. Swift also founded the WAG Boxing Association, which aims to raise funds for NGOs to help children and families.

3. She was a victim of racial profiling

Recently, precisely in early 2018, she took to her Instagram page to describe an experience at a mall that she called an act of racism against her. She explained that she and her friend were harassed by a store employee who presented them as thieves, claiming that they had stolen a handbag from the store.

4. She is very judgmental about issues that concern her and her boyfriend

Telli Swift said in an interview that she once had her boyfriend prepare for a fight by having sex with her before and after a fight. She also called the draw decision made in Deontay’s fight against Tyson Fury on December 1, 2018 unfair. According to her, her lover was the winner of the fight.

5. She has a website for female empowerment

True to her passion for entrepreneurship, she operates a blog that aims to empower women. She also shares cooking recipes on the blog.