Best described as a body positive activist and an inspiration to many aspiring plus size models, Tess Holliday is a strong and powerful model who has lived up to the expectations of the modeling industry over the years. For so many reasons, Holliday has captured the hearts of many with her unflinching altitude and campaign against online trolls and body mutilation.

Since bursting into stardom, she has continued to take her modeling career from one level of success to another. She has also participated in several fashion-related campaigns and events and has featured in prestigious prints such as H&M, Marie Claire, Vogue Italia and many more.

Prior to fame, she did several odd jobs, including working as a hair and makeup artist in Seattle, as well as a creative director at fashion events. Tess began her modeling career after moving to Los Angeles in 2010. She first worked as a receptionist before pursuing a career in the modeling industry.

Biography of Tess Holliday

The bold and gorgeous model was born on July 5, 1985, in Beth Hoven and Doug Hoven, Laurel, Mississippi. She is American and belongs to North American ethnicity.

Tess had a difficult childhood. As a child, she was constantly made fun of by people in her hometown because of her height. She was raised by her disabled mother, deformed by a gunshot wound she suffered after leaving Tes’ father, her fiancé. Tess had also been through hell at the hands of her father who constantly abused her because of her weight. The family moved around a lot while her mother tried to make ends meet at different jobs.

School was another hell for Tess Holliday startedwhose companion couldn’t stop criticizing because of her weight and very pale color. When he turned 17, she took the bull by the horn and made the bold decision to quit school and end all the negative comments her appearance was attracting.

Her family – husband and children

The Los Angeles-based model is married to successful Australian artist, photographer and businessman NickHolliday. The couple first met in 2012 on social media site Tumblr and later became friends. They chatted for seven months, after which Nick decided to go to the United States. The businessman would move from Melbourne to the United States in April 2015, just to be closer to his darling.

Tess and Nick finally announced their engagement on July 5, 2014, much to the enthusiasm of their fans. The couple, however, played a quickie on paparazzi by secretly marrying in October 2015. Their first child, a son, arrived in 2016.

While Nick’s son with Tess is his first offspring, the child is the model’s second problem. She gave birth to her first child when she was 20 years old. However, it appears that she no longer communicates with her son’s father, as reported in 2015. Tess Holliday currently resides with her sons, husband and mother in Los Angeles.

Size weight

Apart from her profession, Tess Holliday is famous for her super hot body and physique which has been very beneficial for her modeling career. Although she has battled online trolling several times and her weight and height put her body to shame, she remains positive and confident about her body.

She stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches while her weight is 130 kilograms. Tess Holliday also has a thing for tattoos. In fact, the star flaunts a collection of body art on virtually every part of her body. Holliday has a Mae West tattoo on his right forearm, a Miss Piggy tattoo on his right forearm, a life-size mermaid tattoo on his upper right thigh, a Marilyn Monroe tattoo on his left bicep and the Dolly Parton tattoo on her right arm, and a Hello Kitty tattoo on her right calf. The model also has a septum piercing.

Other Model Facts

1. Holliday has a personal trainer who trains with her four times a week.

2. Tess also enjoys swimming and hiking.

3. She doesn’t believe in diets because, according to her, they don’t really work.

4. The plus-size model once shared that her bum is her favorite part of her body.

5 Her real name is Ryann Maegen Hoven, however, she took the name Tess Munster after falling in love with The Munsters, a popular television sitcom. Holliday would later adopt the name Tess Typhoon shortly after she began doing alternative modeling. She finally took her fiancé’s last name in January 2015 and continued to use that name after she married him.

6. Tess no longer communicates with her father. They last spoke in 2013.