One of the most well-known YouTube channels, the ACE Family with millions of followers, viewers and subscribers around the world is owned by two lovebirds alongside their daughter. They created the channel from the initials of their names – Austin McBroom, the would-be American athlete and a former basketball player who was not drafted into the NBA draft in 2016, his partner Catherine Paiz, a model Canadian actress and their baby girl Elle.

Net value

This channel as one of the famous YouTubechannels has earned so much money, with an estimated turnover of $17,500 in one day, and calculated annually about $6.4 million. The fortune is mainly accumulated in the ads shown on the channel. They also generate revenue from red, Google-preferred YouTube viewers, and also earn between $2 and $15 per 1,000 monetized views, once YouTube takes its cut.

Apart from these, the ACE family receives income from other sources, such as their involvement in sponsorship deals from different companies and organizations. Additionally, promoting and marketing products for the Dollar Shave club, Best Friends, Cooking Fever app, and several other brands is a way to generate revenue. The ACE family also sells hoodies, t-shirts and hats, including the ACE product, which earns them a net worth of approximately $13 million.

Family Info: Everything You Need to Know About the ACE Family

The YouTube channel is specifically a vlog that focuses on prank videos, couples challenges, daily activities documentaries, and many other types of crazy and fun stuff.

The channel started in 2016, precisely in January, founded by the trio Austin McBroom alongside his girlfriend Catherine Paiz and their daughter Elle, they manage the channel together. As stated earlier, the ACE family was coined from the initials of their names with the A – representing Austin, the C – representing Catherine, and E – stemming from Elle.

  • The male figure in the ACE family was involved in sports

Austin, a male figure in the ACEMcBroom family YouTube channel is also a very talented American athlete who was born on May 5, 1992 to his parents Michale and Allen McBroom, in Los Angeles, California, United States. During his early years, Austin was interested in football, basketball, and baseball, but eventually focused on basketball. However, he was not selected in the 2016 NBA Draft despite having had a very successful college basketball career, having played for the Central Michigan Chippewas basketball team as a than leader. He also played for the Saint Louis Billikens basketball team and the Eastern Eagles. It is for not having been registered in the NBA after college basketball that

  • The family has an extra member

The news that hit the airwaves not too long ago was that the ACE family welcomed a new member who turned out to be another daughter the couple had sometime in 2018. Although the name of the baby was not revealed initially, the couple then decided to let the cat out of the bag as they made it public that their little princess will be called Alaia.

  • The lady figurine of the ACE family designed for a major brand

Tracing the roots of Ace family figure, Catherine Paiz, revealed that she was a Canadian actress and top model who was born with the full name Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz on August 24, 1990 in Montreal, Canada but was raised in Los Angeles.
She is a proud St. Louis College alum. She is known to have started her career as a model at the age of 16, when she modeled for Victoria’s Secret, after which she started modeling for Azzelia Swimwear.

Apart from being a model, the lady of the ACE family is also an actress who has starred in many TV series and movies like Monday at Seven, ‘Lilin’s Brood and You Can’t Have It.

It should be noted that the ACE family has more than 16 million subscribers and more than 300,000 subscribers watch this channel every day. Moreso, the channel had been able to register 4 billion views, including 5 million views from other separate sources since its inception.