Citizens of the United Arab Emirates can look forward to a special bonus on their passport. You can enter most countries in the world without a visa. That’s why the Emirates Passport landed at number 1 in the latest list of most valuable travel documents. Japan, the leader for the past four years, has fallen to seventh place.

According to the website, holders of the “most powerful passport” in the world can enter 159 countries without restrictions. The UAE is thus experiencing a meteoric rise, as last year it was not even in the top ten.

passport rank
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With visa-free access to 153 destinations, Germany, Finland, and Italy are presently in joint second spot behind the UAE. With access to 152 countries . Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea, and New Zealand tie for third place. The United States is ranked sixth on the list, with visa-free entry to 149 places, due to current COVID-19 travel limitations.


Afghanistan and Iraq are currently at the bottom of the rankings at 89th place with access to only 34 destinations. Syria ranked only slightly higher with access to 35 destinations.

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