For some, Cuba is a swimming paradise, while for others, it is the best place to spend a beach vacation. This 600-kilometer-long island contains approximately 300 stretches of sand, forming one of the Caribbean’s largest beach . As a result, here are 5 of Cuba’s most beautiful beaches!

1-Varadero Beach 

located on Cuba’s northern coast, is without a doubt the most popular beach on the island and the largest in the Caribbean! enthralled by her 20-kilometer-long sandbar and the colors of the sea.

Varadero, Beach

In addition, La Havane is only 140 kilometers from Varadero. This proximity allows you to easily integrate a trip to Cuba’s historic capital into your summer vacation.

2- Cayo Coco island

Cayo Coco, like Varadero, is located on Cuba’s northern coast and deserves to be included in the list. Cayo Coco has the unique distinction of being surrounded by one of the most spectacular coral reefs in the world, which explains the abundance of aquatic life found there.

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3- Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo is a truly paradisiacal island! Because it is only accessible by plane or boat from La Havane, this isolated island allows you to disconnect in complete peace. It’s time to let go of the stress! The majority of hotels are located about 5 kilometers south of Cayo Largo. The rest of the island is nearly deserted!

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4- Cayo Santa María

Cayo Santa Maria’s beach is one of the most tranquil in Cuba! This island, which is crisscrossed by 11 kilometers of practically deserted beaches, is also part of the UNESCO-designated Buenavista Biosphere Reserve.

The travelers are surrounded by fauna and flora, which allow them to engage in sports such as swimming and fishing or simply relax and contemplate under the sun.

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5- Guardalavaca

Guardalavaca is known for the quality of its beaches! This area is protected by coral reefs stretching for nearly 300 meters, creating a marine-life-rich microclimate.

One of its unique features is that the Guardalavaca beach is located very close to Gibara’s sub-marine caves, where one can go on uncommon explorations. Besides this, the water is so clear that you can see more than 20 meters into the distance. Finally, Guardalavaca has one of the most turquoise beaches on the entire island of Cuba!

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