Tommy Davidson is a multi-talented American actor and comedian best known for appearing on a variety show called In Living Color. He also played the role of Oscar Proud in the animated series titled The Proud Family and When Nature Calls.

Davidson began his career as a stand-up comedian in 1986, performing at a strip club located in Washington, D.C. Strictly Commercial. Read on by taking a look at Tommy Davidson Biography, Family, Wife, Kids and other interesting facts below.

Tommy Davidson Biography, Brief

Outstanding comedian Tommy Davidson was born in Rolling Fork, Mississippi on November 10, 1963. He attended Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School located in Bethesda, Maryland. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from District University of Columbia. After graduating, he completed his internship at the University Radio. He also worked at Hechinger’s reservation in Hyattsville and in a hospital kitchen before getting into acting.


Tommy Davidson began his career as a stand-up comedian in 1986 and had his first performance at a strip club in Washington D.C. Thereafter, he began performing at various clubs in Philadelphia and Baltimore. Soon after, he began playing alongside artists such as Kenny G and Patti LaBelle, for whom he opened for during their concerts. Following his unique comedy style, Davidson won the 1987 Amateur Comedy Concert held at the Apollo Theater.

Seeking a wider audience, Tommy moved to California where he continued his career in comedy. He performed at various comedy club centers; featured at the comedy shop as well as the arsenio hall show. Tommy appeared on the 1990 variety show marked In Living Color where he impersonated various stars including Michael Jackson, Sammy Davis and Homey D. Clown. He released his first comedy strip titled IIin in Philly which aired regularly on Comedy Central during the 90s. Alongside Damon Wayans, Jim Carrey and Jamie Foxx, Davidson became famous for the originality of his comedy lines.

Also, the comic book star made his first film appearance in 1991, alongside Halle Berry in the film titled Strictly Commercial. His next project was Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and Booty Call. He starred in the 1998 romantic comedy film titled Courting alongside Jada Pinkett Smith. Subsequently, he featured in Spike Lee’s film titled Bamboo in 2000. He then starred in the 2001 animated series titled The Proud Family ; play the role of a voice actor for the character Oscar Proud. Alongside Kevin Hart, Daniel Tosh and Paul F Tompkins; he starred in the third season of the Comedy Central series titledLive in Gotham in 2008. He made an appearance on Mike Lazzo’s live talk show titled Host Space From Coast to Coast .

His other comedy series include Black Dynamite, Between Brothers, Martin, Je Suis Comique, Tout Comme Nous, and Everybody Hates Chris. He appeared on the fourth season of Celebrity Swap with his fiancé in 2015 and the following year was featured on Celebrity Family Feud.

Family: parents, wife (Amanda Moore) and children

Davidson had a difficult childhood; soon after he was born, he was thrown in a garbage can at the age of six. Luckily for him, he was saved by a woman, Barbara Davidson, who later adopted him as her child. Not much is known about his biological parents. his adoptive parents are of Caucasian ethnicity while Tommy is of African American ethnicity. He grew up with two siblings, Beryle and Michael Davidson. Although growing up as a black man in the white-dominated sphere was very difficult; Tommy was able to get all the love and support he could from Barbara and her family. At the time, his mother, Barbara Davidson, was working as an activist in the civil rights movement.

Growing up was so hard for Tommy; he faced a lot of identity issues and racial discrimination due to the color of his skin. Nevertheless, his family accompanied him all the way. Today, he has broken stereotypes and carved out a place for himself in the American entertainment industry.

Along with his successful comedy career, Tommy Davidson is also a happily married man and father. He has been attached to his longtime girlfriend, Amanda Moore, who owns a children’s boutique called Lil Posh Resale, located in Costa Mesa, Orange County, California. The couple celebrated in 2015, unfortunately there are no details regarding where and when they were to be married. Since their marriage, they have continued to live a euphoric married life.

Prior to his marriage to Amanda, Tommy had had a relationship with Arlene Davidson with whom he had two children – a son named Isaiah Davidson and a daughter named Jillian Davidson. Currently, he and Moore have no children; they are the parents of his two children.