Tracy Smith has become one of the prominent figures on the CBS network, thanks to her remarkable journalistic prowess. She has proven her importance on the platform as a notable news correspondent for the network. She notably works as a correspondent for CBS News Sunday Morning and also works on several other programs under the platform like The CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor and others. Prior to her career at CBS, Tracy Smith previously worked with Channel One News. Read more about his biography and other interesting facts.

Tracy Smith – Biography

She was born on April 7, 1968 in Wyoming, Ohio. Not much is known about her childhood, and the journalist did not give any information about it. Tracy Smith is an alumnus of Boston University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1990. Smith was an outstanding student while in college and was one of the few to graduate with honors while there.

After Boston University, she proceeded to the University of Southern California for her master’s degree. In 1993, she earned her master’s degree in broadcast journalism and was ready to take on the world. Tracy Smith worked as a part-time reporter for KERO-TV, a CBS affiliate in California. Her experience on the network led her to Channel One News where she worked as a reporter and host. After a successful stint in the outfit, the journalist joined CBS.

Tracy Smith joined CBS in 2000 and worked as a correspondent for “The Early Show.” Soon after, she became a co-host of the Saturday Early Show. As she grew on the platform, more responsibilities came her way. Smith soon became a reporter for CBS Evening News. She reported on several current events such as the September 11 terrorist attack, the Winter Olympics in Turin and many others.

She also combined all of this with another reporting assignment for a documentary news show “48 hours”. On the platform, she covered several events and news regarding different news events.

5 interesting facts about the CBS correspondent

1. His net worth

Although the reporter hasn’t made any claims regarding his salary, multiple sources have suggested that Smith is making a big profit out of his time at CBS. While many sources have put his net worth at around $10 million, it can’t be said for certain that this is the CBS correspondent’s financial situation. But we can’t ignore the fact that Tracy Smith has been hugely important to the network.

2. Personal life – Married, children

Away from the screens, Tracy Smith is a family woman and devotes time to her family, like many of her counterparts. She is married to CBS Sunday Morning producer John D’Amelio. It’s unclear exactly when the two got married, but we do know they’ve been together for a long time. Smith and D’Amelio have two children together. They welcomed a set of twins – a boy, John Jr. and a girl named Gia, in March 2008. Working for the same outfit has never been a problem for the couple as they both keep their relationship professional at work .

3. Awards and Achievements

Tracy’s exploits as a journalist have earned her much recognition and accolades. She won a Golden Hugo from the Chicago International Film Festival for her reporting on teens in abusive relationships on Channel One News. She’s been a standout figure on the platform, with a string of notable covers to her name.

In April 2015, Tracy Smith bagged the WilburAward for Best Television and Cable Show: Network or National Syndication. The same award also went to her husband D’Amelio for his work as a producer and producer/editor Lauren Barnello, all for ‘Heavenly Voices’ on the CBS Sunday Morning show. The three award winners drew a lot of attention to the CBS network that year and were highly regarded.

4. Height and weight

Guessing Tracy’s height wouldn’t be much of a problem to those who frequently watch the CBS programs she airs on. But to be precise, she stands at a height of 5ft 6in which is quite commensurate with her weight of 57kg.

5. Social Media Profile

Tracy Smith has a significant social network presence. Being a correspondent, she has many followers who watch her for updates, and she never disappoints. She is very active on Twitter where she has more than 10,000 followers. Moreover, she is also active on other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.