Being an actor for most people is above all about making people laugh. Because of this, they say stupid, insensitive, and vulgar things that aren’t funny. Not so with Trevor Noah. For him, comedy is about using clever humor to promote the general well-being of humanity.

Let’s tell Trevor’s story from his own perspective for a bit. The comedian thinks he is the most successful African comedian. The claim is neither brazen nor ridiculous. He is truly the best in Africa and one of the best in the world. As he throws hilarious yet brilliant jokes at the punch line, his impersonation of people from different parts of the world or specific individuals is top notch. And the fact that he is a polyglot is an added bonus. He speaks good German, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Tsonga, Zulu and of course his fluency in English.

Noah became an international sensation after it was announced in 2015 that he was replacing Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show. He joined the Comedy Central late night television program in 2014 as a contributor when Stewart was the host. Shortly after the announcement of Trevor’s succession as host, the South African was called out for some of his tweets, which were seen as an offense to fat women and Jews. In all, it’s been expressed that Noah is unfit to take over the late night show.

Luckily, Comedy Central came to Trevor’s defense. Television channel Viacom Global Entertainment Group released a statement saying it was not fair to judge Trevor’s character based on a handful of jokes. Comedy Central explained that Noah is sometimes defiant, even to himself, and later claimed he was a talented comedian.

Apart from being a comedian, Trevor has starred in a few movies. This includes portraying himself in the 2011 documentary – You’re Laughing But It’s True. The same year he starred in Pilo Taka Takata. Also, he was a bookmaker in the 2012 comedy movie – Mad Buddies

Trevor Noah Wiki, Mother, Parents, Family

If you meet people who talk about a celebrity who was born out of crime, they are definitely talking about Trevor. The comedian has repeatedly joked that it was illegal for his parents to have him when they had him – during apartheid South Africa.

South Africa’s apartheid government, among other things, made it illegal for black citizens of the country to have romantic relationships with white people. But somehow, Trevor’s mother, Patricia Nombuyiselo, a black Xhosa, fell in love with Robert, a white man of Swiss-German descent. The Patricia-Robert affair led to the birth of Trevor.

As the law was not satisfied with this kind of thing, Patricia was fined and jailed while Robert settled in his home country of Switzerland. As such, Trevor had to live with his maternal grandmother. You’ll find more of this story in the comedian’s 2016 book – Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood.

The book, a collection of Trevordes’ personal stories about his childhood in his home country became a New York Times bestseller immediately upon publication. Likewise, the audio version is doing well. The book earned the comedian two nominations for the prestigious NAACP Image Awards. Although he was nominated for Outstanding Literary Work in the Biography/Auto-Biography category, he was also chosen for Outstanding Literary Work with a First Author Honor.

Trevor’s mother later married an Ngisaveni AbelShingange and together they had two sons named Andrew and Isaac. However, the marriage fell apart in 1996 and Ngisaveni kept abusing Patricia physically. The man shot her in the head when she got engaged to another man in 2009. Fortunately, Patricia survived the attack.

Before Trevor moved to the US in 2011, he was already famous in his country and very popular around the world. He worked with a handful of media establishments before his breakthrough in Comedy Central.

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Size of Trevor Noah, Girlfriend, Gay, Married

The comedian is probably told every day that he is handsome. He is several inches taller than 5 feet and the height is perfect for his body structure.

To our knowledge, Trevor Noah is not sexually attracted to his gender, he is straight and not gay. Also, the comedian will likely get married one day, but as of the time of this report, he is not married to anyone. Nonetheless, he is dating Jordyn Taylor – an American singer-songwriter who is also known as a model. Trevor and Taylor began dating sometime in 2015.

Before Taylor, Trevor’s girlfriend was Dani Bagel. Taylor and Bagel are said to bear a striking resemblance and are both into music.