Twan Kuyper is a Dutch model, YouTuber, and Internet celebrity who is best known for his Vine and YouTube accounts, where he frequently uploads all kinds of content, ranging from beauty and fashion to parody video and comedy. other entertaining content that its followers appreciate. His neighbor’s charm, positive attitude and gorgeous appearance won the hearts of millions of followers and won him over. He constantly encourages his fans and anyone who looks up to him or wants to get into the media and entertainment industry to forget about following their dreams and start chasing them. Twan has been successful in several aspects of his life. As a model, he appeared in several shots, magazine covers and advertising campaigns for several major brands. He also enjoyed the beginnings of a successful career in the film and television industry.

The YouTube star has over 1.2 million subscribers on her channel and each of her videos attracts hundreds of thousands of views. Twan has received many honors and recognitions for his work. It was named The Future of Influencing and Brand Collaboration by the prestigious Forbes Magazine. Besides his creativity and passion for creating content, he also has a big heart. Twan supports and donates to various charitable causes such as ChangUr and the Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray Foundation. Although he has already come this far, the YouTuber has no intention of getting off the success train.

Twan Kuyper Bio (Age)

The famous model was born on February 19, 1996, in the Netherlands. He is of Dutch nationality, but his ethnicity has not yet been confirmed. He became interested in social media and the world of fashion when he was just a child, which led him to later embark on a career as a model and social media influencer. .

Twan began his meteoric rise when he landed his first modeling job. His amazing looks and physical features made him stand out in the industry and made it very easy for him to host lucrative gigs. It has been featured in numerous photo shoots, fashion shows, fashion shows, print and digital campaigns, and more. He moved to South Florida in 2013 to find more modeling opportunities for his career. It was there that he signed for Next Models.

In Florida, famous YouTube star LelePons introduced her to Vine, the now defunct video-sharing platform. Twan Kuyper gained 80,000 followers on his first day of signing up and within 20 days his followers grew to 250,000. By the time Vine was shut down, he had amassed over 2 million followers. Building on his fame in Vine, Twan launched his self-titled YouTube channel in March 2015. As of June 2019, he has over 1.2 million subscribers on his channel. His popularity led him to sign 26MGMT. Twan’s Instagram page has over 6 million followers who regularly communicate with him about his posts and stories.

The Dutch model has been featured in several TV commercials which led to her playing roles in films such as Woman on the Edge and The Broken Record, released in 2016. On the education front, Twan is studying administration Business. Although he hasn’t ventured into entrepreneurship, he uses the knowledge gained to build his brand and run effective campaigns to secure endorsement deals.

YouTuber Girlfriend and Family

Twan Kuyper was born and raised in a family of Seven. His parents gave birth to five children. One of his brothers is named Jaz and he also has a sister named Lisa whom he sometimes features in his videos. He seems to be very close to his siblings and very protective of family values. However, that’s the extent of the information the YouTube star has shared about her family life.

Moving on to his relationships, Twan has had a steady parade of girlfriends since the start of his career and it’s easy to see why. Her flawless look and charm work wonders. In the past, he dated Hannah Stocking, but their relationship only lasted a few months before they broke up. He also developed a romantic affair with his friend Lele Pons, but that also ended. Twan started seeing London Goheen in 2017 and she has remained his girlfriend ever since.

Twan Kuyper’s Height

The gorgeous social media influencer is quite big in real life. He’s 6ft 2in tall, which isn’t surprising considering he’s a model and the profession requires men to be at least 6ft tall to really shine in their career of choice.