A brief visit to social media pages suggests that there is such an evolution in female appearance today. Women today are more bold, daring and explicit in their style and sexual appeal. Often that proved enough to achieve success and worldwide recognition and fame, much like Valérie Cossette did.

Cossette is proof that social media success and fame can be achieved from anywhere in the world, not just America. The Instagram model is famous for her voluptuous looks. She knows this and spares no opportunity to use this to her advantage. Simply put, the model is a perfect blend of bold and beautiful. She keeps a relatively private life, though, so here’s everything we could find out about the model and social media personality.

Bio of Valerie Cossette

The Instagram bombshell was born on June 6, 1993. She was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. The model also grew up with her sister, Vanessa Cossette. Other than her sister’s name, nothing is known of Valerie’s family members.

She is all about her career and has also decided to keep everything about her life private. As a result, the details of his childhood experiences and academic qualifications remain a mystery to everyone but those closest to him.

The model started posting photos and videos of herself on Instagram in the year 2014. Her curvy figure and overall beauty certainly helped her skyrocket with over 1.6 million likes. followers at the start of 2019.

What is his net worth and salary?

The model lives pretty well according to various online sources. Valérie Cossette posts regularly on the platform and has attracted millions of fans. As a result, she was also able to land lucrative sponsorship deals while serving as an ambassador for several major brands.

Cossette is an ambassador for fashion brands such as Fashion Nova. She also often promotes high-end watch brands like Philip Auger on her Instagram account.

Since she started monetizing her Instagram account, she has been told that she will earn an annual net salary of between $35,000 and $65,000 for her work with Fashion Nova alone. Although her return home via brand sponsorship is unknown, she would earn between $3,000 and $5,000 per sponsored post.

Valerie Cossette’s net worth for her Instagram troubles has been estimated at around $200,000.

Everything you need to know about the Instagram template

She’s tattooed all over

Tattoos are all the rage in today’s world. They are often used for more than their aesthetic value; they are sometimes used to convey a deep message or to keep a memory alive. Either way, if you’re a tattoo lover, then you’re going to love Cossette’s look. Valerie’s ink game is enviable. She has ink on almost every part of her body.

A quick glance at his photos and you notice less of the most remarkable ones. She has birds on her shoulders, a keychain made of feathers on her right thigh, extraordinarily drawn petals and a ship’s anchor on her left arm, etc. One of her best tattoos appears just above her belly area. Here she has the phrase “Wild Child” in a beautiful gothic style font.

Valerie Cossette is athletic

This is expected considering that she has to put in a lot of work to maintain her head-turning figure. The model is part of a sports team known as the Royal Mountain Polar Bears. Among her teammates are other models like Kristie Taylor, Jessica Wilde, Mackenzie Longhi and Noemi Bazinet. Valerie plays as a lead for her team.

The team is made up entirely of models and Together they represent Canada in a competition known as the Panorama All Stars Cup. Football Tournament was designed for models who also love a bit of sports and can actually kick a ball. It is played in the Sancta Maria Islands and involves teams from 32 countries on all continents.

She participated in a brief question and answer period for Philip Auger

Philip Auger, a watch brand she promotes, did a little Q&A with the model where she revealed some of her favorite items in the world.

Unsurprisingly, Cossette declared her favorite fashion look as “chic and inked.” She still lives in her birthplace, Montreal, due to its multi-ethnic composition and many activities. The Instagram selfie goddess is also a lover of all fish foods, especially sushi. She is also in love with green tea and travels with her sister.