Vanilla Ice is an American rapper, songwriter, actor, and television host who caught people’s attention with his hit songs in the late 80s to early 90s. Without it sounding offensive, it can be said that he is one of those who rose to prominence in the music industry, but quickly lost relevance. He individually struggled to find himself back in the spotlight but failed at every effort. At one point he tried to kill himself, but that also failed and he is lucky to still be alive today. He then left music for other pursuits where he regained his confidence and returned to music.

Well, his story is not entirely sad, some of his hit songs are still highly regarded until today and at least he should be congratulated for that. Here is everything you need to know about Vanilla Ice’s biography, net worth stats and body stats, wife and kids.

the biography

Vanilla was born to Robert Matthew Van Winkle in Dallas, Texas on October 31, 1967. His mother’s name is Camilla Beth Dickerson, while his father is not known. He took the name of his stepfather who his mother was with when he was born. We can unfortunately say that he comes from a broken home and it affected him a lot. He grew up moving from place to place because his father-in-law, who was a car dealership, moved often. Due to the many problems that marked his origins, he was not well-organized emotionally and psychologically, which was particularly striking in his poor academic performance. He even left RL Turner High School in Carrollton, Texas before graduating, but he cannot excel academically,

He was exceptional in poetry, knew how to rap and was a good dancer too. Van Winkle was touched by hip-hop very early on: “It’s one of my great passions because I love poetry. I was just heavily influenced by this whole movement and it transformed me into who I am today. “

By his teenage years, Robert had perfected his break dance moves which led his mostly black friends to nickname him “ice” because he was very good at performing the move on ice. He was also given another nickname of “vanilla” as he was the only one among his friends who was not black. Thus his stage name Vanilla Ice was coined.

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Vanilla Ice ventures into music

At first, he was popular for his dance moves as he often beat anyone who challenged him. He became frequent at Dallas nightclubs with his dance troupe The Vanilla Ice Cream or the VIP His stellar performance caught the attention of City Lights nightclub owner Tommy Quon, who offered him the opportunity to perform regularly in his club. It was a win-win situation for both parties, as Vanilla was already drawing attention to himself and the club was providing him with an audience to which he could perform regularly.

As he performed in nightclubs he also wrote songs and in 1989 his debut album which featured his first hit song titled Ice Ice Baby was released. The song was then on the list of frequently played songs by most radio stations. The success of this song earned him a contract with SBK Records. That same year he released a single P throw this awesome music that did not miss the success of his first work.

Vanilla’s decline in music

However, his success came with questions from people asking him about his past and all those questions he hadn’t revealed at the time. It was said that SBK Records had created a fake biography of the star, which was to represent his childhood and his musical adventure. Ice was unaware of it though, as he would later say in an interview, something totally different from what people had read as his biography.

This discrepancy infuriated many including his once loyal fans who began to see flaws in his lyrics. He was accused of composing songs devoid of creativity and which lacked originality. At the time, his lyrics were mostly a mixture of the African American style of music.

Vanilla unsuccessfully attempted to put his musical acts in order, but with each attempt he sank into a state of musical oblivion. His 1994 Spirit Blowin alone wasn’t potent enough to resurrect him musically and in July of that year he found comfort in saying so stop living by overdosing. He nearly died but was lucky to escape with a near-death experience. That’s why we still have it today.

Returning to the land of the living where we currently find ourselves, he decided to bury the former music star within him – Vanilla Ice and assume his true identity, Robert Matthew Van Winkle.

Van Winkle having seen all this started extremesports. He practiced jet-skiing competitively, which he really enjoyed apart from the hustle and bustle of his old music. He even opened a sporting goods store called “2 The Xtreme” in Miami Beach. It should be mentioned here that in his youth, he actively participated in motorsport and is said to have won two championships.

Buoyed by his new found confidence, he felt on the verge of returning to music. We saw him doing Hard to Swallow in the album “My Essential Therapy Session” in 1998. In 2001 and 2003 he gave us Bipolar and Hot Sex respectively. In 2005, his album “Platinum Underground” was released. In 2008 Ice Is Back: Hip Hop Classics was released and it included cover songs from artists like Public Enemy, Cypress Hill and Bob Marley.

None of his later songs were able to cause the wave that his songs early in his career did. Well, he made his mark and we’re glad he had some shine in his time.

Net value

Vanilla Ice has a net worth of $18 million. His wealth revolves around his musical success from the 80s to 90s, when he topped the charts.

Family – wife and children

Vanilla dated famous singer Madonna for 8 in 1990. However, their relationship did not go beyond that stage as they did not get married or had any children together. None that we know of or heard of.

The once famous musician then met Laura Giarittain 1995, they fell in love and decided to tie the nuptial cord. They therefore married in 1997. Since then, their marriage has seen the birth of two daughters, Dusti Rain, born in 1998 and Keelee. Breeze born in 2000.

In October 2016, his wife filed for divorce citing an irretrievably broken relationship as the basis for wanting to give up the marital union. For the next six months, Vanilla tried to talk him out of it, but it seemed the same fate that had followed him in his music had ended up in his marriage of more than 20 years.

In May 2017, however, he stirred things up against the divorce petition. This brought more public attention to the crumbling union as people started asking questions. It was learned that before filing for divorce in front of Laura, the couple had since separated, but occasionally dated each other when they felt like it. This means that they sometimes end up as men and women. It’s not wrong because they’re married.

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The counter-petition from Ice’s attorney John T. Christiansen said Ice wants 50/50 custody of their children and, if Laura “pleads this case with vexation,” he wants her to pay court fees. his lawyer. The lawyer also revealed that Ice would not give him child support, saying that “the woman can contribute to her own support.”

Little information has been released about the status of the divorce proceedings as both parties are treating it as a private matter.

height and body

The former star certainly looks younger for how long he’s been around. He has a healthy looking muscular body structure like most men who train regularly. However, the exact numbers of his biceps, chest, etc. are not publicly known. For his height, you will be the same height as him if you stand over 6 feet, while for the weight; it weighs 86 kg or 189 pounds.