Veronica Merrell is popular as one of the twins who make up the internet sensation duo known as the Merrell Twins. Along with her sister, she was able to establish herself in the entertainment industry, as evidenced by her appearance in series like Jane the VirginFake It and The Showdown to name a few.

Moreso, the YouTube star uses her channel to show off her singing skills and although she hasn’t started her music career yet, she has many fans who appreciate her talent. The YouTube channel she co-owns with her sister has a number of subscribers that has crossed the one million mark and is on its way to reaching 5 million. Learn more about her bio and facts about her adorable twin – Vanessa Merrell in this piece.

Biography of Veronica Merrell

Veronica Merrell hails from the United States of America where she was born on August 6, 1996. She is also known to have a twin sister called Vanessa Merrell and their parents have been identified as Paul Merrel and Wendy Merrell. His mother worked at a school as a secretary while his father produced videos, a skill that obviously influenced the lives of the twins who are currently internet personalities.

The YouTube star got her start in education in Kansas City, Missouri, before going to college where she majored in screenwriting. Veronica has always had a taste for making videos since she was young and that’s what prompted her to get started on YouTube in 2009 by uploading the video. What’s it like to be a twin? However, she dropped the channel for about 2 years but later came back and started flooding it with videos she makes with her sister.

As she rose to fame, Veronica Merrella decided to move to Los Angeles, California with her sister in search of better opportunities. She has made several videos for their joint YouTube channel called Merrell Twins. Additionally, she landed cameos in sitcoms like Make Pretend, Dead End, Hyperlink, and Jane the Virgin alongside her twin. Veronica was also seen in the 2016 film The Arm Wrestling and she is currently on the set of the comedy film, Partners Limited which will be released in 2020.

Twin Sister – Vanessa Jo Merrell

As mentioned earlier, Veronica Merrell has a twin sister called Vanessa Merrell who she grew up with. The two have been partners in building their entertainment careers since they were young.

Like her sister, Vanessa also exhibited a penchant for entertainment from childhood. Both men enjoyed acting during their high school years and when it was time for her to further her education, she chose to major in television production. Interestingly, Veronica’s twin is a gifted singer who can play the piano as well as several other musical instruments.

Veronica and Vanessa are proud to receive the 2016 Shorty Awards for Best YouNower of the Year and the Streamy Awards for Best Live Show of the same year. They also won Streamy’s Best Lifestyle Awards of 2018, as well as a Teen Choice Award nomination in the Choice Youtuber category.

Other Facts About Veronica Merrell

Veronica gave birth in a normal virgin birth, but her twin arrived 45 minutes later by caesarean section.

She was part of popular YouTuber Dominic DeAngelis, who currently has over a million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Along with her twin, Veronica Merrell has a net worth of $3 million.

Her father is known to play a crucial role in the career of the Merrell twins by helping them produce their videos.

Veronica’s joint YouTube account with her twin has around 4 million subscribers and over 700 million views in 2019.

His ethnicity is a mixture of Irish, Spanish, Mexican, German and Portuguese.