Weight loss gurus are (mostly) good at telling you how to lose weight. But do they practise what they preach?

Michael Mosley, best known for inventing the 5:2 and Fast 800 weight loss plans, has put his money where his mouth is and shared what he eats for breakfast.

Breakfast has a reputation for being the most important meal of the day – but that doesn’t mean we always manage to eat it. Instead, brekky can fly under the radar as we rush out to school and work, often with the mindset of ‘I can manage till lunch’.

Read on to find out what Dr Mosley, who’s most recently shared his ideas for the ‘Fast 800 keto diet’, eats to kick off his day.

What does Michael Mosley have for breakfast?

weight loss An omelette can be a great way to have a low carb, high protein breakfast
An omelette can be a great way to have a low carb, high protein breakfast
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Michael Mosley recently posted a video of him about to have a tasty-looking mushroom omelette, which he described as “delicious”.

In the video he said: “It’s one of my go-to breakfasts and it’s great for brunch.”

Crucially for Dr Michael is the vital ingredient of eggs, which he says are a valuable weapon in your weight loss arsenal.

“It only has about 70-80 calories, and it contains lots of high-quality protein plus other things like Vitamin D and selenium.

“Plus, I love omelettes,” he quipped.

As well as mushrooms – which are “full of Vitamin D” – in his omelette, he also chucks in onions, which are “rich in something called prebiotics, to feed the good bacteria in your gut”.

But before you get cracking with your omelette, try this clever trick with your ‘shrooms a little while before you get cooking.

“Put them out in the garden before you cook with them. Put them in the sunlight for about an hour and that will absolutely boost the levels of Vitamin D,” Dr Mosley suggests.

Speaking to the Express, nutritionist Emma Thornton said: “The ability to absorb vitamin D from the sun decreases with age, so including mushrooms grown under UV light can contribute to your intake.

“Mushrooms may also help with anti-ageing.”

As well as some spinach, known for its excellent health benefits, Dr Michael said: “I also add chilli in there to speed up the metabolism a little bit, and a pinch of turmeric.”

Are eggs bad for you?

The fresher the egg the better the results
Eggs are an excellent source of protein – Dr Michael approves
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Michael Mosley also looked to dispel rumours that eggs are bad for you and can cause high cholesterol.

“There have been a whole range of studies that show that the cholesterol you eat in eggs has very little impact on the cholesterol in your blood.

“That is one of those myths that has taken an awful long time to die.”

Dr Mosley’s omelette is high protein and low carb, clocking in at just 200 calories. “The great thing is that it’s absolutely delicious”, he added.

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