There has already been a lot of study done on the long-term health impacts of overeating in general, including fat accumulation, hormone management, and changes in adipose tissue and skeletal muscle.

However, there have no been many studies that looked at how one-off overeating affects the body.


The human body has the capability to handle overeating for extended periods of time. There is a traditional fattening festival held by the Massa tribe in Guru Walla, where each member of the tribe tries to gain as much weight as possible. Some members are able to gain up to 24 lbs of fat over two months by eating 8700 calories each day, which comes out to three times the recommended amount for an adult per day.

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The subjects were healthy and physically active adults, and the study found that their bodies were able to control the fat and sugar in the blood after the large meal through working a bit harder than normal in order to control the body’s metabolism.

Hormones released from the gut and pancreas helped their bodies regulate blood sugar levels. Since their heart rates increase post-meal, it showed that the body was working overtime to keep everything under control.