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Both are delicious, and both are associated with summer. Which fruit, however, has the highest nutritional value? We combined honey with watermelon.

What are your favorite foods? Watermelon or honeydew melon, which is better? Both are members of the cucurbits genus and contain the majority of their weight (about 95 percent) of water. We compared the beneficial components of two types of melon to determine which is actually healthier.

Honeydew Melon

The similarities between the two melon types:

– both types are made up of (up to 95 percent of water)
– Both types are members of – the cucurbit family.
– Both types are low in calories (about 47 Kcal / 100g for watermelon, and approximately 65 Kcal / 100g for honeydew melon).
– Both are high in vitamins, trace elements, and minerals.


Differences between the two varieties

Honeydew melon contains more vitamin A, which is necessary for good vision.
Watermelon has a larger concentration of the plant pigment lycopene, which has antioxidant effects.
– When it comes to mineral and trace element concentrations, the honeydew melon comes out on top on average.

Whichever type of melon you like, both are beneficial to your health. Have a delicious meal! Did you already know? A melon cutter makes it much easier to cut and slice the typically sticky fruit.

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