If you’re familiar with the Van Wilder movies, you’re less likely to think this is a story inspired by one man’s life. Its excess was simply a grandeur reserved for fiction, or so we thought. Van Wilder’s story is actually inspired by the life of Bert Kreischer. He grew up to be an actor and stand-up comedian, but when he was in college he had a 6-page article about him in Rolling Stone magazine as the number one supporter in the whole country. Bert is also a TV host.

So how did Bert become a public figure after simply spending his time in college drinking and engaging in public nudity? Read below to find out.

Who is Bert Kreischer?

Currently, he can be a responsible man who fits society’s broader definition of a mature man with a wife and two kids, but Bert wasn’t always that guy. He was for a period of his life a man-child, as described in a book he wrote about his life in 2014. Bert was born into a respectable family consisting of a lawyer father and a father specializing in real estate law. childhood development. His birth took place on November 3, 1965.

As a somewhat wealthy family, he was sent to a private school called Jesuit High School in Tampa, Florida where he spent most of his childhood. After high school, he was admitted to the college that would define his life, Florida State University. He attended school in English on paper, but chose parties as a true major. He became a party animal and was a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity group.

In a recognition that is certainly a contribution from Bert Kreischer, Florida State was officially named the number one party school in the whole of the United States when Bert was in the sixth grade of a course four-year traditional. Acknowledging the man who led the school to the peak of the college party, Rolling Stone did a feature on Bert Kreischer, seeking to understand the life and mind of the nation’s top fan.

The story which was released nationally has gained the interest of many, including director Olivia Stone. A man with the ability to understand the business side of a great story, he decided to buy the rights to Kreischer’s life story and then worked on making a movie. Unfortunately, this did not succeed. The name of the protagonist, however, was changed by one of the rights and was purchased in different production points. National Lampoon purchased the script for Kreischer’s life story, although his name was no longer part of it. His name was changed to Van Wilder and thus he became the inspiration for Van Wilder’s films.

After Bert Kreischer finally graduated from college, he sought a career in comedy. His first acting experience was in Tallahassee, Florida. After a short stint in Florida as an actor, he moved to New York.

Since moving to New York, he has grown as a stand-up comedian, performing at various comedy clubs and for different TV shows. Kreischer’s act involves him being shirtless and his nickname is “the machine”.

Now an international comedian, Bert has comedy specials and performed on major shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live and the Late Show with David Letterman. Apart from stand-up comedy, Bert is also an accomplished television host and has hosted several shows during his career. Among the shows he has hosted are the eponymous Bert the Conqueror, The X Show, Hurt Bert and Trip Flip. Apart from television, he is also a podcast host, anchoring the show, Bertcast, where he discusses all things comedy.

Net value

Bert Kreischer is believed to be worth $1.2 million. His value comes from his acting career. He confirmed in a recent interview that he was doing 3 shows in a month. Other ancillary income comes from appearances in films and as a television host.

Who are Bert Kreischer’s wife, children and family members

Bert was born in Al Kreischer and Gege Kreischer. His young life began with an elevated savagery that inspired a movie, but he grew into a comfortable, responsible adult. He married his girlfriend, LeAnn Kreischer, and the two have two beautiful daughters to show for their long years of shared love. The couple named their daughters Ila Kreischer and Georgia Kreischer, after his wife’s state of residence.