It is common knowledge that the adorable faces, synchronized dance moves, as well as beautiful lyrics of major contemporary boy bands have been responsible for making hearts flutter among the audience, especially female fans. The same goes for CNCO, the Spanish-speaking boy band that won the 2015 La Banda singing competition, created in Latin America by Univision’s Simon Cowell. The show, which debuted in September 2015, featured individual and group performances in a competitive format. Along with the entertainment at the pageant, emotions ran high among families, fans, and judges during the final that would determine the winners of the pageant.

The emergence of the group which included the candidates like; Erick Colon, Richard Camacho, Christopher Velez, Zabdiel De Jesus and Joel Pimentel were enthusiastically welcomed by CNCO members. The latest boy band have proven themselves over the years and have embarked on successful tours with top performers in the entertainment industry. industry. Nonetheless, the band’s success at La Banda is compelling proof of their natural talent, character, and ability to become the next big boy band in all of Latin America. Fans and the general public have no doubts about their success, because one thing has always been true in the history of boy bands for decades: a boy band proficient at harmonizing and doing beautifully is a sure recipe for success.

Who are the members of the CNCO?

1. Christopher Velez

He is in his early twenties and was born in Ecuador. He moved to New Jersey at age 18 in search of greener pastures to better his life and that of his family. Long term, Christopher made a conscious decision to follow his dreams and attend the La Banda audition. His zeal to succeed motivates him to work very hard, which makes him one of the favorites on the show. He then becomes one of the 5 members of the boy group CNCO.

2. Eric Brain

Eric is in his twenties and is said to have left Cuba alongside his mother and sister for the United States in 2012. The young singer is a football fan and his best team is Real Madrid. During the La Banda contest, he managed to steal the hearts of the judges, as well as the voters who recognized a very unique talent in him and it’s no wonder he managed to do so as member of the CNCO group.

It is also known that the singer’s main motivation has always been family, most of whom are still back in Cuba. According to the young artist, he wants to make his family proud and will always work hard to achieve this goal.

3. Joel Pimentel

Joel said his biggest inspiration in his late grandfather’s life always motivated him to pursue his singing career and study acting in college. He spends his free time playing football, acting and writing songs. Despite the fact that he lost all hope at some point during the La Banda contest and concluded that he was about to return home, his diligence, tenacity and of course his natural talent are came to the rescue. one of the CNCO band members.

4.Richard Camacho

Richard’s inclination for entertainment can be described as inherited since his father made a living as a cameraman and musician. On the other hand, her mother is a professional dancer. Richard started experimenting with music from the age of three. He is currently in his twenties and shares his talent for music with his younger brother, who is also in the entertainment industry as a singer. Judges and voters recognized his passion for the performing arts and supported him in his dream of becoming part of the emerging CNCO group.

5. Zabdiel De Jesus

Zabdiel has just embraced his twenties but even before his teenage years, the Puerto Rican always harbored the dream of becoming a famous singer. As a teenager, he joined a salsa and hip-hop group at his place of worship. The young artist is not only a singer, he has multiple talents as a singer, musician and ballet dancer. As he stood in front of the La Banda competition audience every night, Zabdiel was able to earn their empathy by showing his soul on stage every time he performed. No wonder he was elected as a member of Latin American band group CNCO.