We’ve seen so many gospel groups, but the Uplifting Cult members are in a class of their own. The group is a contemporary gospel group from the center of popular worship called Elevation Church. The church was founded by Pastor Steven Furtick in 2006 and has become one of the most popular churches in recent times.

Elevation Worship brings together five great singers; Chris Brown, Jenna Barrientes, his wife Jonsal Barrientes, Anna Sailors and of course Jane Williams. In addition to these key people, there are several other minor singers and musicians who have worked hard to make the band one of the popular gospel bands of our time. The main focus of the band is to lead church services on weekends, but they also go on tours and concerts in the United States. Members of Elevation Worship have toured in conjunction with other contemporary gospel groups like; Passion, Hillsong Worship, Rend Collective, Jesus Culture, Kari Jobe and many others.

Let’s take a look at the brief biographies of the band’s major vocalists.

Who are the members of the Elevation cult?

1. Chris Joel Brown

He is a singer and worship leader with TheElevation Worship Band. The singer comes from a very religious background; her father is a well-known pastor who has been ministering for over 25 years and her mother is a musician and singer. Chris graduated from Anderson University with a major in vocal performance.

It should also be known that Chris Brown is a family man who has been in a marital relationship with his better half, Beth Brown, for a few years now and their union is blessed with a couple of children namely Adelaide and Joan.

2. Jane Williams

Williams is a popular Christian crooner well recognized as one of the members of The Elevation Worship. Little is known about Jane’s personal life, but it is clear that she is married to Luke Williams, who works at Architect Sports – an athletics and sports organization where he serves as manager. Their marriage has been going on for years and they have two sons, Nolan and Wyatt.

3. Anna Sailors

Anna is originally from Alabama, she is one of the recognized worship leaders at Elevation Church Charlotte. She joined the Elevation Worship group since 2009 and has remained with them till date.

4. Jonsal Barrientes

Jonsal is originally from San Antonio, Texas, he is also well known as a worship leader with The Elevation Worship group. He attended the International School of the Americas and currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Also, Jonsal Barrientes is in a marital relationship with Jenna Winders Barrientes, another lead singer of The Elevation Worship. He has a brother named Lucas who works as a pastor.

5. Jenna Winders Barrientes

Jenna is the wife of Jonsal Barrientes and one of the main singers of the band Elevation Worship. The singer currently lives with her wife in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Here are facts you need to know about the Elevation worship team


The Elevation Worship Group was born as an Elevation Church worship team led by Pastor Steven Furtick. The church was founded in 2006 with the vision of seeing people who are far from God repent and live a Christlike life.

Exit members

The gospel group has gained and lost members over the years, Mack Brook who is one of the founding members is remarkable. After 10 years working on The Elevation Worship team, Mack has announced his resignation as a full-time church staffer. Currently, he lives in Charlotte and is still a part of the church, but has moved on to pursue other interests. Another vocalist, London Gatch, also left the band.


The gospel group has five albums to their credit and their debut album titled Live Worship was born in 2006 under the mother church label. They released three more independent releases titled; Kingdom Come in 2010, We are Alive in 2008 and The Sound released in 2007. The Kingdom Come album was remixed due to the warm reception it received.

Worship band Elevation later moved from The Church’s label to a deal with Essential Records and released for For Honour, which was revealed in 2011. Subsequently, Nothing is Wasted and Here in Heaven appeared in 2013, while 2014 saw the release of Wake Up the Wonder and Only King Forever. In 2016, Here as in Heaven drew a crowd of over 16,000 when it was taped at a service held in Charlotte. O Come to the Altar, a track from the album, became a hit when it was released as a single.

In affiliation with Provident Distribution, they formed their own Elevation Worship label and Here as in Heaven became the label’s debut album. A cloud came in 2017 and five months later their first Spanish language publication titled Lo Harás Otra Vez was revealed. Their latest album titled “Hallelujah Here Below” arrived in 2018.