Joselyn Cano has become a popular name in the modeling and social media world solely because of her racy body curves, which are responsible for the huge fanbase she enjoys. She has captured many hearts all over the world with her captivating looks. Her modeling career started at the age of 17 and by the time she turned twenty she was already well established in the field.

Currently, she only works with some of the best brands in the sports and fashion industries. With her perfect stats and curvaceous figure, she has managed to catch the attention of brands like LTMW, Wheels and Heels magazine, Energize magazine, Hot Bike, and Low Rider magazine. She has also done modeling work for Import Tuner, World Star Hip Hop, Swancoast, Haggles Magazine and many more. Despite the accolades and accolades she regularly receives over her perfect body ensemble, the famous model has outright rejected any work that has to do with nudity.

Who exactly is Joselyn Cano?

Joselyn Cano was born in California, United States on March 14, 1991. She is an American national but her ethnicity is Hispanic. Little is known about her family background, but it is common knowledge that she was brought up alongside two brothers.

Not much is known about her academics but the Records mentioned the fact that she started her modeling career after graduating from high school with three photo shoot contracts. Jocelyn Cano is also an animal lover. she lives with her seven dogs who are an important part of her life

5 interesting facts you need to know

Body Stats

Joselyn’s overall body stats of 34-25-36 are definitely a killer, perfect body. Her slender waistline enhances the contour of her curvaceous hips and her 34 point bust line draws the eyes of any red man to her cleavage. She stands at a height of 1.50m which isn’t very tall but what she lacks in the height department is her curvy figure. Its weight of 52 kg perfectly complements its size. The beautiful model comes with a striking hazel look and brown hair.

Speaking of tattoos, she has a few on her feet, but according to her, she plans to remove them in the near future. Some piercings she had in the past were also removed, although she has gone under the knife multiple times in the past for breast enhancement, rhinoplasty, as well as taking injections to boost her body.

Relationship status

Although she has been involved in several in the past, no relationships with the opposite sex have been held up by the press, which can only mean that she is keeping details of her personal life under wraps. However, in a recent interview, she said that she likes smart men who take very good care of their looks, but cheap men definitely throw her off. Currently, she is visibly single and hopes to be seen as an inspiration to potential role models.

What makes her special?

The model and internet sensation with hazel eyes has what it takes to stand out in the crowd, she is really beautiful, neat, as well as curvaceous. She also works hard to maintain her outstanding physique. Joselyn devotes quality time to the daily work routine and maintains a vegetarian diet. Joselyn Cano is dedicated to what she does for a living and uses social media as a platform to help women and keep them up to date with the latest fashion trends, while helping them get in shape.

Net worth, cars and real estate

Sources have pegged Joselyn’s net worth at $1, millions of which are estimated to be primarily from her modeling career in addition to her work as a social media personality. Although her annual income as a model is not known, we were able to establish from records that she charges $8,000 to $10,000 as a fee for any sponsored content on her page.

Details of the real estate she owns are not currently available, but according to the information we have gathered, the famous model is the proud owner of a BMW 3 Series with pink brake calipers, but this n is not his first car. Joselyn used to drive a Nissan Altima, which she still has to this day.

Joselyn Cano on social media

The glamorous model has amassed over a whopping 10.8 million followers on Instagram, on her Twitter account she can boast of over 183,000 followers while her Facebook page has amassed just over 500,000 fans. She also has a presence on Tumblr.