Nadeska Alexis is a music journalist and moderator for Daily Struggle, a hip hop talk show on Complex News. Alexis is a great benefactor of modern journalism, having been able to exploit it through different media, including the Internet, television, radio, podcast, etc.

Journalism now transcends the confines of terrestrial radio, print media, and other old-fashioned means of gathering and disseminating information to the public, as technology has made this process easier and more refined. However, what remains an essential quality of a good journalist is creativity, the kind you will only find in talented journalists like Nadeska Alexis. She is a great benefactor of modern journalism, having been able to exploit its advantages through different media. Let’s look at some facts about the young and beautiful journalist.

Who exactly is Nadeska Alexis and how old is she?

Nadeska Alexis is an American music journalist, anchor and producer, born in the West Indies, on an island called Grenada, on August 15, 1986. The charming young woman is of Spanish origin. She is the current moderator of Complex News Daily Struggle. She may not yet be among the biggest names in journalism, but she’s getting there, having worked for top music network MTV News in the past.

For someone who specializes in fraying other people’s roots, not much is known about their roots. The journalist did not talk much about her childhood and her private life. However, for the later stages of his life, especially his education and career, we know much more about it. It is part of the requirements that if one wants to become a certified journalist, one must have obtained a degree. And yes, Alexis has a degree. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Global Culture in 2008, from Binghamton University. With what she studied in college and how her career has gone so far, it’s safe to say that she is living her dream of becoming a famous journalist.

His career

A year after leaving Binghamton University, Alexis got a job at AOL Music magazine. In her first job after college, she worked as a content creator and focused more on the hip-hop section. She has developed a lot of content for AOL Music.

After two years of writing for the magazine, Nadeska Alexis was hired by the famous music network MTV News, where she began working as an assistant editor. In no time, she got her promotion as an editor. Even though most of her work at MTV News was initially behind the scenes, she still managed to make a few television appearances including a few shows on MTV including Rapfix Live, the MTVred carpet show at the 2016 BET Awards, etc on.

Alexis left MTV News in 2016 and joined Complex Media, where she hosts a show called Daily Struggle. The show also features Joe Budden and DJAkademiks. Since the Grenada-born journalist joined the show, she has helped evolve it into one of the best entertainment shows in the hip-hop world. When Alexis joined Everyday Struggle in 2016, she joined as an anchor, but in 2017 she was named the show’s moderator.

Nadeska Alexis has also appeared in a few other shows such as Open Late with Peter Rosenberg and Complex Conversation. Earlier in 2019, she launched her own show on Beats 1, which premiered on February 15 and had A$AP Rocky and rapper Flipp Dinero as its first set of guests.

Alexis height and other body measurements

There are so many things about the West Indian beauty that are not revealed about her like her height, weight, and body stats. But from what we know, we can confirm that she has dark complexion. She has black hair, brown eyes, and multiple tattoos mostly on her arms.

His family

Nadeska Alexis is very likely to have parents who are still alive as she is still young and may also have one or more siblings, but that personal information is one that Alexis just doesn’t want the public to know. .

Who is Alexis’ boyfriend?

Just as she is hesitant to give information when it comes to her family, so it is very much with her relationship status. Although there have been rumors that she was dating fellow Everyday Struggle ancestor DJ Akademiks, however, neither has come out publicly to confirm or deny these reports.

More facts about Nadeska Alexis

  • She has a net worth of around $300,000.
  • Alexis has a tattoo on her arm.
  • She can be reached on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram @neweryork.
  • His show Everyday Struggle airs every Friday from 3-5 p.m.
  • She has interviewed top artists like Pharrell Williams, Desiigner, R-Kelly and more.