If there’s one thing this California born comedian can do, it makes everyone laugh. Ali Wong has been pushing comedy since 2005. She’s had successes, failures, and struggles just like anyone else in her personal life. However, as she showed in her acclaimed Netflix special, these experiences only made her stronger.

Ali Wong wears many hats and successfully. She is an actress, comedian, screenwriter and author. On both sides of her Netflix success, she’s appeared on TV shows such as Savages, Inside Amy Schumer and American Housewife.

Wong was born on April 19, 1982 in Pacific Heights, Los Angeles. She was born to an immigrant mother in Vietnam, Tam Wong, and an American anesthesiologist father, Adolphus Wong.

Wong was student class body president at San Francisco University High School. she graduated in 2000 and went on to UCLA to study Asian American Studies. There, she discovered her love for the stage during her time at the LCC Theater in UCLA. Ali got a scholarship to continue his studies in Vietnam after graduating.

Ali’s career

Ali cut his teeth in stand-up comedy after graduation at the brainwashing cafe. She was only 23 at the time. Her development would take her to New York where she would perform regularly. Sometimes up to 9 sessions per night.

His relentless comedic efforts earned him a spot on Variety ‘s “Top 10 Comics to Watch” in 2011. Wong, whose comedy can be defined as “hilariously raunchy,” has also seen his efforts earn him a reputation far beyond of the world of humor. She’s appeared on talk shows like The Tonight Show, Chelsea Lately, and comedy TV series like John Oliver’s New York Standup. She was also on NBC Are You There Chelsea?, and MTV’s Hey Girl in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Her work has seen her collaborate with celebrities such as Vanessa Redgrave, Salma Hayek and Kelly Reilly. She was also involved in the making of Fresh from the Boat as a writer. A role she filled for three seasons for the sitcom series. Wong also voiced the character Betty Bird in the 2016 animated film.

Its biggest hit yet came when Netflix released its stand-up comedy special Baby Cobra in 2016. The series stars pregnant Ali Wong, who tackles any pregnancy hurdles that come her way. to her. She also opened up about her sexual adventures and why feminism isn’t for her. The series was filmed at the Neptune Theater in Seattle and aired on Mother’s Day. She’s also working on a sequel to her Netflix comedy special.

Beyond that, the actor is also working on a book. She said the book compiles experiences throughout her life, from childhood to adulthood. According to her, the experiments didn’t seem like it was about speaking up, but about a book that people could read at their own pace.

Who is Ali Wong’s husband?

Wong shares a similar industry with her stepfather, but not with her husband, Justin Hakuta. Justin’s father, Ken Hakuta, was a well-known television personality and inventor in the 80s. He was known as “Dr. Fad” on a highly successful science and invention-focused children’s show. . Justin is half Filipino on his mother’s side and half Japanese on his father’s side.

Wong’s husband graduated from Washington.Sidwell Friends School in 2000. He then completed an overseas program in Mexico, which culminated in 2003. He went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts and MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and Harvard Business School, respectively.

As seen on his LinkedIn page, Justin has held several jobs that have helped boost his career. He has held various positions for DIRECTV, Cargomatic Inc. and GoodRx. His latest LinkedIn update is as VP of Product at GoodRx.

It can be inferred from his social media endeavors that Justin Hakuta is either kind of a loner, or just his wife’s career story, or both – that’s all he wrote in his posts.

Baby and family life

Wong met Hakuta at a wedding and hit it off right away. Ali describes that she felt some sort of “cosmic connection” and knew he was a trap. They married on November 27, 2014.

Ali and Justin welcomed their first child, a girl, in November 2015. They named her Mari, after the name Marie Kondo, a Japanese organization consultant and writer.

The couple are very much in love and there have been no rumors of extra marital affairs or divorce. Ali Wong has repeatedly said in interviews that Justin is very important to her. Once she brought little Mari on stage with her for a performance. In one of the interviews, she enthusiastically explained that she was looking forward to watching reruns of her shows with her daughter in the future.

The family never passes up an opportunity to spend time with each other. As Wong and Justin’s Instagram accounts show, the family of three takes regular family trips. Sometimes Justin follows his wife on her rounds. This family really has fun.

Ali net worth

There is no concrete knowledge available of Wong’s net worth. Different unverified online sources have stated that his net worth is between $1.2-2 million. We are not yet able to substantiate the figures.