Anllela Sagra is a Colombian fitness model, bodybuilder, trainer, and social media personality with perhaps the fittest, best-toned body that most women have ever hoped to achieve. She started gaining fame through her routine fitness training which made the muscles of the body visible on her. It was originally something exclusive to men in his home country. To show off her muscles, she started participating in fitness competitions and was generous with her photos on social media. Her fan base on the various social media platforms she operated soared and today Anllela Sagra is a popular person.

Beyond what is known of her as an athlete, much is still unknown about her personality, modeling career, and relationship. Here, you’ll discover more than you ever knew about this Colombian-born celebrity.

Who is Anllela Sagra? His age

Anllela was born on October 6, 1993 in her home country, Colombia. She has a sister called Laura Sagra who is also popular as a fitness model. From a young age, Anllela Sagra had a flair for modeling and the fashion industry. As a result, after graduating from high school, she enrolled to study fashion design at Columbia University and at the same time modeled during the weekends to keep her passion alive.

Her Modeling Career

She was extremely thin as is the norm for most models and had to work out regularly to maintain her slim shape. During one of these routine workouts, she met a fitness trainer who told her about being a fitness model; something that was then unknown to women in Colombia. Anllela started training seriously and the more she trained, the more her body adapted and showed the results of her intense workouts. Many people advised her at this point to stop as for them, she was hurting her body and obviously ruining her modeling career.

As expected, Anllela Sagra gave up her modeling career in favor of fitness training and after a year and a half of intense fitness sessions, her commitment paid off when she came third in the first ever fitness competition at which she signed up, it was in 2013. Her participation in the competition brought her accolades from the judges just as she was amazed with her performance despite being a greenhorn in the field.

The win also puts her at a crossroads of what she really wanted to do with her life; fall back into her modeling career which she had left for more than a year or forge a new path as the first Colombian fitness model, a path that has never been trodden. As you can rightly imagine, she decided to go for the latter and risk everything there was to risk to make it big as a female fitness model.

Anllela who does not believe in luck but in opportunity and preparation, had perseverance, patience and dedication as her mantra. She started to feel more comfortable and confident with her potential with the growing number of fans who filled her social media account with support and love for her. In less than a year, the muscular woman had amassed over a million followers on her various social media accounts.

Social media has largely contributed to the fame she enjoys today. Today, she subscribes to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and even YouTube. She has been featured on Fitness Curves, Iron Man, Tendencia in addition to having made appearances at Olympia. Sagra is a brand ambassador of 1Up Nutrition which is a supplement product in the United States.


Of course, bodybuilders have emotions and all that things we feel for the opposite sex. She has reportedly been in a relationship with fellow bodybuilder and athlete known as Tomas Echavarria since 2015. In an Instagram post she made in April 2018, what appeared to be an engagement ring appeared on her ring finger. Probably, their relationship is at an advanced stage and could lead to marriage.

Being the boyfriend of a fitness trainer, Tomas Echavarria has appeared a multitude of times in his fitness videos and also participated in his couple workouts.

His height, his measurements

Anllela Sagra is one lady you won’t resist getting a second rear view of when she walks past you. She is remarkably curvy and attractive – not the typical way most of us have imagined female trainers. Anllela has body measurements of 35-24-34 inches which is bust, waist and hip respectively. She wears a bra size 32C, dress size 4 (US) and shoe size 7.5 (US). All of his stylish assets are contained in a body weight of 59 kg or 130 lbs with a height that stands at 5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm.