Bill Engvall is notably one of the most successful comedians in the industry with over two decades of performance, ten solo albums and a host of highly successful shows. His ability to connect with his audience is top notch and his quality of sharing humor in everyday situations has continued to set him apart from the rest.

He not only excelled as a comedian, but also as an actor, author, producer, husband and father. Bill is also known for his signature Here’s Your Sign and as a member of the Blue Collar Comedy ensemble.

Who is Bill Engvall? – Biography,

William Ray Engvall, better known as Bill Engvall was born on July 27, 1957 in Galveston, Texas. He attended Richardson High School in Richardson, Texas, where he graduated before attending Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, although he left college before he could graduate. He was a member of Chapter Xi of the Alpha Kappa Order.

Bill was about to acquire a bachelor’s degree and leaving for school to become a teacher, fate had a different plan for him. Out of college, he held various jobs, including tour guide at Inner Space Caverns and disc jockey at a nightclub in Dallas, Texas. His entry into stand-up comedy was the consequence of his work as a DJ. He performed at amateur and open mic nights around Dallas and it wasn’t long before he realized that comedy was actually his forte. He moved to Southern California in 1990 to devote himself fully to comedy, then to Los Angeles to start acting.

In a short time, he became famous thanks to his appearances in several successful series and shows. He co-hosted the cable show A Pair of Jokers with comedian Rosie O’Donnell and starred in an episode of the sitcom, The Golden Girls as Blanche Devereaux’s son Matthew Devereaux. Bill also hosted the activities of A&E Network. An impromptu evening and stand-up routines on The Tonight Show and The Last Show with David Letterman

He made his professional breakthrough in 1992 when he won Best Male Stand-Up at the American Comedy Awards. Bill Engvall starred as a regular on the ABC sitcom Delta for the current season. In 1996, he was cast in the NBC version of The Jeff Foxworthy Show with best friend and fellow comedian Jeff Foxworthy.

Since the beginning of his career, he has released ten studio comedy albums and has been signed by Warner Bros. Records in 1996. Here’s Your Sign which was certified platinum and peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard Country Album Chart, DorkfishHere’s Your Christmas Album, It’s Great, Not Drunk: An Autobiography, Here’s Your Sign reloaded, a decade of laughs, at 15° CoolAged and Confused

Bill Engvall, in addition to his comedic resume, started the hugely successful Blue Collar Comedy Tour with Jeff Foxworthy in 2000. The comedy ensemble also includes Larry the Cable Guy and Ron White. He landed a hosting gig on the game show Jargon in June 2011, marking a new start in his career.

Bill contested on season 17 of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars paired with Emma Slater, they finished fourth. He also starred in the TBS sitcom The Bill Engvall Show alongside Jennifer Lawrence, who launched her award-winning career following this exposure. He also produced the show, lending his voice to the animated comedy series Bounty Hunters, as well as starring in numerous solo specials for Comedy Central.

Also, as an author, he has published several books, including Just a Guy: Notes from a Blue Collar Life (2007) which he co-wrote with Alan Eisenstock.

Net value

Bill Engvall has recorded many successes some of which he never imagined possible in his career given that he initially did not take up acting as a career. But what can we say? What is worth doing is worth doing. Not only has Bill Engvall done it right, with relatable yet hugely funny plays that wow his audience, but he continues to deliver on his roles, remaining relevant in the arena even after decades of performing. He was not only incredibly hardworking but also completely dedicated to comedy.

He can easily be named one of the richest comedians in the business with a whopping net worth of $40 million. Its success is certainly deserved.

Family – wife Gail and daughter

Bill is one of WilliamR’s four children. Engvall and Jeanne Shinkle McCormick. The others are her sisters; Judy, Jenny and Janet Engvall McTigue. Janet was the executive director of the United Way in the Georgetown area and a lawyer in Texas until her death in November 2007.

Bill is the husband of Gail whom he married on December 18, 1982. Gail was born on August 6, 1960. The two are the parents of a daughter, Emily, born in 1986 and a son, Travis, born on 25 June 1991. Although Emily graduated from the University of Puget Sound, her brother graduated from Northern Arizona University.

Bill bases a lot of his comedy on his life as a family man, he often mentions his family during his routines. His subjects include Southern culture, everyday life, marriage, parenthood, and self-mockery.

His daughter Emily married William Holden on August 31, 2014.