For many, the name of Claire Abbott is not the one that will ring all the bells. That’s because she’s not the usual type of celebrity who achieves stardom through the creative arts, science, or even sports. Instead, she rose to fame as another Instagram model and social media influencer. After gaining relevance and accumulating a good number of followers, the famous Insta star suddenly disappeared from the scene because she wanted to start from scratch to become famous by building her music career.

Who is Claire Abbott? Age

Claire Abbott was born on January 22, 1998 in Canada. Details about her family members and how she was raised remain as much of a mystery as the Instagram model herself. What is known of her is that she always had a strong interest in the creative arts such as acting, singing and poetry.

In high school, Claire was reportedly a good student participating in sports and drama. Like any other teenager, she joined Instagram where she innocently started sharing her photos. However, unlike any other teenager, she had a charm and innocence that drew people in, and so the internet loved her and made her an accidental celebrity.

At the same time, in 2012, she began her career on the Internet as a model and singer while doing poetry. She released her version of Adele’s “Turning Tables” which clearly showed that in addition to her looks, she was also very talented. At first, she only shared her photos on social media as a hobby, but when she saw the opportunity it presented her, Abbott took it and it became more of a part-time job for her. her because she had already reached a point where she could be called a social media influencer and role model.

As for her music, Claire Abbott hasn’t released many songs. One of his most popular songs was his cover of Turntable. She also has a song, Fighting what she did with Phlex in 2014 and another , Skinny Love. At the beginning of 2019, Fighter has already had more than 34,000 views on YouTube.

Considering everything she has been involved in, the net worth of the social media influencer is estimated at $1 million. That said, there’s no official record of what she’s actually worth. She once revealed that she suffered from mental illness for many years as she suffered from bipolar disorder and severe depression.

After building a large following on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, fans were surprised to find out in early 2017 that she had deactivated her Instagram account which had over 300,000 followers, her Twitter and YouTube accounts. Although there is no reason for her disappearance, some believed that she wanted to focus on her music.

sister and family

As already noted, information about thepersonal life of Claire Abbott is well hidden from the public. However, it is known that she was raised in her home country of Canada alongside an older brother who got married in 2015. It is easy to come across people on the internet referring to a sister in reference to the model, but as she revealed, she has no other sister or brother aside from her older brother.

In 2015, there were rumors that she entered into a relationship with Instagram star and Canadian poker player, Dan Bilzerian. Photos of the two have emerged on the internet partying and looking like they’re having a lot of fun in company. Bilzerian has become popular on social media as a millionaire who shamelessly shares his lavish lifestyle on the internet.

The main concern of many at the time was the age difference that existed between the two. In the end, there was nothing between them, soon after the Canadian millionaire was going to date model Sofia Beverly.

Height and measurements

As noted, when Claire Abbott started sharing her photos on social media, she didn’t expect anything big from it, but thanks to her looks, it gave her an opportunity she never expected. Apart from her facial beauty, one of the things that helped her rise to fame is her overall build and height.

The Instagram model is not the tallest woman you will find as she is only 5ft 5in tall while her weight is 65kg. Regarding her general measurements, she has a height, chest and hips of 39-25-37 inches.

Besides that, she has black eyes and blonde hair.