From the bluesy sweetness of erotic metaphors to the more explicit reign of Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, sex has always been a part of music. This is not a problem. after all, music is the expression of human life and sex is part of it. Perhaps no musician understands this better than the rapper known as Cupcakke. Learn more about her below.

Who is Cupcake?

This rapper is on the rise as one of the best modern rap talents. Cupcakke, through his music, evokes the brutality of one of humanity’s most basic instincts, sex. Born Elizabeth Eden Harris in Chicago, Illinois on May 31, 1997, she was raised by a single mother, with whom she formed a close and intimate relationship, telling a reporter that she is her only friend.

The start of Cupcakke’s life was not easy. Between the ages of seven and eleven, she lived in homeless shelters in Chicago. Despite his financial handicap, Cupcakke attended high school, growing up and attending the same school as Chicago rappers Chef Keef and Lil Reese.

Her entry into the world of music began at the age of 10 when she started writing verse and singing in her local church. While in church, Cupcakke began to learn the art of performing in front of an audience, in front of pastors and church members, reciting poetry about her faith in Christ.

If you’re wondering how a girl who was rooted in the Christian faith became a 21st century sex activist, it’s at the request of a friend who admires her poetry and encourages her to turn it into rap. His discovery of rap is what we could discover by opening Pandora’s box. She fell in love with acts like 50 Cent, Da Brat, Lil Kim, all of which influenced her style and style of rapping. When she fell in love with rap, she was 13 years old.

Like almost all budding modern musicians, she burst into public consciousness after posting a video on the video-sharing platform, YouTube. She released her first Gold Digger track on her channel in August 2012. The video went viral but was eventually taken down by YouTube Lords. Between 2012 and 2014, Cupcakke focused on releasing covers of other songs and original music, amassing over 300,000 subscribers.

She released her first mixtape, Cum Cake in 2016. Before that, she released the video for one of her original songs, Vagina, in 2015. Like Gold Digger, the video went viral due to its extremely explicit and its photographic brilliance. With the release of his mixtape, Cum Cake, Cupcakke heralded his arrival on the music scene as a serious entertainer.

Despite her popular explicit lyrics, she conveyed messages about sexual assault, poverty, love, loss and slavery. Since releasing Cum Cake, she has released five musical projects, including a fourth studio album, Eden, released in 2018.

Fascinating facts about the rapper

1. She made Rolling Stone’s Top Rap Albums of 2016 list

Rolling Stone is one of the most iconic and respected publications in the music industry. Following the release of Cupcakke From Shelters to Deltas, the publication named the mixtape to their June 2016 list of top ap albums of the year.

2. She neither drinks nor smokes

Those familiar with Cupcakke’s music will find it shocking that she doesn’t smoke or drink, but that’s the Chicago rapper’s chosen lifestyle, which is all the more impressive given that his sexual music is a expression of his convictions and not a gimmick for an inexpensive celebrity.

3. She is a charitable rapper

Cupcakke currently has a loyal fanbase that resonates with her music and, more importantly, her personality. In turn, Cupcakke gave to her fans at various giveaways and events, including a party for one of her videos where she invited fans from across the country to be a part of it. She provided them with shelter and fed them.

4. Cupcakke is a touring artist

As an up-and-coming musician, taking your music to the fans is one of the big steps in growing your brand, and Cupcakke has done well so far. She has done four tours, the last being a tour of her Eden album.

5. She is a big supporter of the gay community

Unexpected from a sexually progressive artist, Cupcakke is an ardent supporter of the gay community and the community has been identified to be one of his biggest fan groups.