Things started to turn around for good after Immortalhd dropped out of college to fully pursue an online career. Although it took a lot for the twitch streamer to grow his game and amass a loyal fanbase, his hard work and efforts finally paid off when some of his cool content went viral.

Over the course of its career, Immortalhd has encountered many notable online personalities. On several occasions, he has collaborated with some of them and it is simply magnificent. Besides having an amazing personality, there are other cool things people don’t really know about the streamer. You will get to know them all in this article.

Biography, Age – Who is Immortalhd?

If you think Immortalhd was originally born in the United States of America, you are not alone. Fluent in English, most of his fans don’t really know that the internet sensation is from Vladivostok, a city in Primorsky Krai, Russia. He was born in the city on September 1, 1992.

Popularly known as his channel Immortalhd, the twitch streamer’s real name is Aleksandr Vitalyevich Chernev-Marchant. He was raised in his hometown until he was eight years old when he moved from the area to the United States of America, where he was adopted and raised in Colorado.

When he graduated from high school, the twitch streamer was enrolled in a university to study graphic design, but Immortalhd dropped out after a while to pursue an online career.

The online sensation for the game dates back to his youngest age when he started playing games such as Call of Duty and Hallo. He was inspired to create personal video content after watching elite players such as Coutra and DigitalFear.

He finally launched his professional career in He played Team Fortress 2 in 2007 on his Xbox, after which he teamed up with American online network Machinima and created Halo content for the company. Unfortunately, Immortalhd lost its account to hackers and lost a lot of its content.

In December 2008, the twitch streamer came up with another channel titled: Immortalhd, where he continued to upload his videos. It was during this period that he got closer to SlyFoxHound and created several series with him.

Immortalhd was inducted into a gaming group called The Creatures on the 2013 RTX panel. and the others announced on April 28, 2016 that they had left The Creatures to join a comedy chain called Let’s Play, known as Cow Chop.

Although Immortalhds are generally entertaining, however, THE RUSSIAN – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends In 30 Seconds and Nobs 4 Lyf – Music Video – Brother Blake are some of his most engaging videos. While its main channel has over one million subscribers, its collaborative channel, Cow Chop, has amassed over nine hundred subscribers as of September 2018.

The Russian has a cat named Celia and a dog named Mishka.


Currently, Immortalhd is not dating a girl but he has had affairs with ladies in the past. Her first known relationship was with dental assistant and YouTuber Tiffany Kudrikow. The couple reportedly called off their relationship in 2013, after which the streamer found love again in the arms of Dominica Baczek.

After two months together, Dominique and Immortalhd called it quits for reasons that have yet to be disclosed. Unfazed by his two unsuccessful relationships, the YouTuber kept pushing until he met another girl called SJ (known as Vindictive on Twitter), who would become his girlfriend. However, their relationship only survived a few months.

Immortalhd posted after the heartbreakseveral videos about his past relationships with his girlfriends. He then announced that he was moving to Los Angeles, California. Since then, he hasn’t been in the news for dating a girl.

Net value

Immortalhd basically makes its money online, especially ads on YouTube. According to sources, he receives $200,000 in salary while his net worth, which is expected to increase in the near future, is pegged at $600,000.

the size

The Russian-born online influencer doesn’t really have any published information about his height, weight, and body measurements. What we know from his photos is that he is of average height. However, a website dedicated to him listed him as 5ft 10in tall.