There are many women who are icons to others, especially to those who face many challenges but have no one to speak to on their behalf. Laci Green managed to give hope to such women. Through her online presence, the talented young lady has advocated for equality and modern feminism. Besides, she is also a sex educator and vlogger. Learn more about the talented celeb below.

Who is Laci Green?

Laci Green is an American internet celebrity, sex educator, blogger, and YouTube star. best known for being the anchor of the show called Braless on MTV’s YouTube channel. In operation for more than ten years, Laci Green has gained great popularity and received different awards in its name. The incredible celebrity was named one of the 30 most influential people on the internet by Time magazine in 2016 and the following year, 2017, she celebrated her 10th birthday on YouTube.

Green entered this world on the 18th day of October 1989 and was born in Salt Lake City (Utah, USA). She was born to a Mormon mother and a Muslim father. Her mother is American while her father is Iranian. As she grew up, Green’s family moved to Portland, Oregon, and when she was 12, she also moved to California due to her father’s job.

Since she was young, Laci developed a passion pursuing a career in acting. Her career choice was greatly endorsed by her mother who owned a theater company. Furthermore, Laci has always questioned the faith of Mormons due to their overly high expectations of her as a woman and their strict gender roles. This caused the young celebrity to go through a state of depression while dealing with thoughts of self-harm and suicide. After a successful rehab, Laci was able to overcome his depression and is now a pronounced atheist.

At the end of his basic education; She enrolled at the University of California at Berkeley where she majored in legal studies. She obtained her baccalaureate in 2011 and in 2017; Laci also revealed that she will be pursuing graduate studies in public health.

YouTube career

The young and talented internet star started her YouTube career in 2007 when she opened her first YouTube channel called gorgeen18. On her channel, Laci has been more interested in atheism and her experiences with religion. Later, she launched her second social justice channel called Sex+. The online icon has lectured at several universities in partnership with Planned Parenthood. She also appeared on a science show called DNews.

Subsequently, Laci became the host of the MTV show titled Braless in 2014. The show revolves around history and pop culture; covering areas such as feminism, equality, gender and other social justice topics. She was honored in 2016 for her excellent streaming and the impact she creates with her channel. Green has won several awards, including Webby Award, Streamy Award, YouTube, Shorty, and Cynopsis Digital Award, among others. Also, she was listed as one of the 30 most influential internet personalities by Time magazine in the same year.

So far, the YouTube star has garnered numerous subscribers worldwide and currently has over 1.4 million subscribers, while racking up millions of views. In addition to her YouTube career, Laci Green also appeared in an episode of Dr. Phil titled Girls Who Bash Girls Who Dress Sexy etc.

What is his net worth?

The gorgeous YouTube star has accumulated enormous wealth for herself and is currently living a lavish lifestyle. Laci Green’s net worth has been estimated to be around $1.3 million. She earns her net worth through endorsements, commercials, television appearances, and other endeavors.

She has collaborated with several YouTube stars like Davey Wavey and Joey Graceffa. According to different sources, the influential internet personality generates up to $450,000 a year from his YouTube career.

Is she still dating Chris Ray Gun?

Wondering if the gorgeous YouTube star is still dating Chris Ray Gun? Well, the answer is yes. Green has been in a relationship with the controversial YouTube star since 2017. Chris Ray Gun is also a popular internet figure. He rose to fame through his YouTube channel called Chris Ray Gun where he uploads political commentary and original music. Chris joined the video sharing community in 2007 and has amassed over 550,000 subscribers and over 72 million views to date.

Chris and Laci’s relationship is under scrutiny from their many fans who look down on Chris because of his liberal comments on his channel. Interestingly, it is an already known fact that Laci is an advocate for modern feminism, gender equality and sexuality. Despite everything, the two partners have a wonderful relationship and there are no signs of a breakup between them.