Leanna Bartlett is a gorgeous woman who acts as an actress and model on Instagram. She first appeared after being cast in the 2014 film, The Other Woman. The film which was released on March 31, 2014 was a hit, starring in particular stars such as Nickolaj and Cameron Diaz. Interestingly, the movie made over $100 million at the box office.

Although she doesn’t have many movies to her credit so far, this opportunity has given her enough exposure for a modeling career on Instagram. Like most Instagram models and celebrities, Leanna is aware of the attractive gain that is possible in getting more and more followers, coupled with impressive content delivery by her. Therefore, she works hard to upload sexy content to her page. She is certainly an interesting personality to learn from. So here are facts about the Instagram model.

Who is Leanna Bartlett?

Leanna Bartlett was born in Kherson, Oblast, in Ukraine on September 10, 1985. From there, it can be seen that she is not originally an American. In fact, she is a Ukrainian who revealed how much she loved her childhood spent with her family in Oblast. However, at the age of 18, Leanna moved to California where she began a modeling career. Although she now resides in Los Angeles, California, she still makes time to visit her family in Ukraine, where she gets ready to enjoy traditional home-cooked meals.

6 Quick Facts About The Instagram Model

Being that Leanna Bartlett is such a gorgeous lady, you would think she should be in a relationship with one of the best men in society, but she has no known relationship, she is neither married nor married. However, she has been very open about her male fantasies and her crush. One actor she has talked about a lot is Hollywood actor and film producer, Ryan Reynolds, whom she finds very attractive. According to her, she is attracted to charming men who have a great sense of humor. Also, her ideal date with a man would be such that, with her love, she would hold hands during a walk on a beach.

  • 2. She is a Paris Hilton lookalike

It is no longer shocking to see or find someone who looks like another person. Also, advancements in technology and social media platforms are making it easier for more and more people to recognize the lookalike. In Leanna’s case, she would bear a deep resemblance to the sassy, ​​socialite heiress Paris Hilton.

  • 3. Leanna Bartlett’s net worth

Without a doubt, Leanna Barlett has worked hard over the years to build a fanbase, especially on Instagram. This, in turn, gave him the opportunity to use the platform to promote brands that pay him huge sums of money for his advertisements. Some of the brands she has promoted include; Bang Energy Drink, Zero Impact Protein Bars, Luxury Honey Birdette. In addition, she is also a brand ambassador for Vpx sports. All that and more help to get his net worth up to around $1. 4 million.

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  • 4. Zodiac sign and temperament

For those who believe in astrology and phenomena like zodiac signs and their characteristics, it would be interesting to find out that Leanna Bartlett, born on September 10, carries the zodiac sign Virgo. Some of the dominant personality traits of a Virgo include; Perfection, loyalty, sensitivity, intensity, dominance, among others.

As a model, Leanna is a gorgeous woman with a body that is the envy of many women. There is no doubt that her appearance plays a major role in her popularity on social media and she has always known how to maintain her looks whether it be with a natural, healthy diet or through surgical means. She therefore displays her healthy weight of 55 kg (122 lb), associated with a good height of 1.73 m (5 feet 8 inches).

The Instagram template has a few features that add to make it look exotic. Some of them include the fact that she is a natural blonde, has two blue eyes, and boasts an impressive height of 34D-24-36.

Although Leanna is also popular on other media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is where she has the most fans (over 3.3 million). Her Instagram account contains many photos of the model that make her fans happy.