Lee Mack is an English comedian who is best known for his long shows. Don’t go out and would I lie to you? which have been operating since 2005 and 2006 respectively. The latter earned him at least four BAFTA nominations and three British Comedy Awards. As part of the comedy series, The Sketch Show, Mack earned his first BAFTA nomination, which he later won. Here are details about his professional and personal life.

Who is Lee Mack’s wife?

As always with famous men, fans of the ace comedian are interested in the romantic life of Lee Mack. The question “Who is Lee Mack’s wife?” therefore, is among the most searched questions online about the comedian.

Everyone knows Mack is a married man. However, his wife, Tara McKillop, tends to stay away from the public eye, so the media has little information about her.

The couple married in 2005 and have since remained together. They share three children named Arlo, Louie and Millie whom they are raising at their home in Surrey. Mack’s wife, Tara McKillop, may remain a mystery to the media. However, the longevity of their union indicates that they enjoy a happy marriage.

His net worth

Renowned in the UK media industry, Lee Mack has done so well and moved away from his humble beginnings. Full-time comedy for Mack began after he won the show So You Think You’re Funny which took place at the 1995 Edinburgh Festival. He quickly became one of Britain’s most renowned comedians and , of course, one of the richest.

He released at least three stand-up DVDs which sold well, they are; Channel 4 Live at Bloomsbury Theater in London (2007), BBC One Film Release Live Hammersmith Apollo (2010) from London and HMV in London Hit the Mack Road (2014) also at HMV Hammersmith Apollo in London.

His work in television as a presenter and host of several shows like; Duck Quacks Don’t EchoThey Think It’s All OverI Have News For You And Never Mind The Buzzcocks contribute immensely to his net worth. However, neither of these come close to his two TV hits – sitcom Don’t Go Out and the panel show, Would I Lie to You?

Other contributors to his wealth include his own BBC Radio 2 show titled; The Lee Mack Show which earned him three BC awards. Her hard work at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert, which took place in 2012 outside Buckingham Palace in London, undoubtedly added a substantial sum to her earnings. Lee Mack’s average annual income is estimated at £700,000, while his net worth has been estimated at £4 million.

5 things to know about Lee Mack

1. He made the famous red rum

Before deciding to pursue acting after graduating from Everton High School in Blackburn, Lee Mack held various full-time positions. One such job was working as a stable boy in a bingo hall. He then worked for three years in the stable of racehorse trainer Ginger McCain in Southport. It was then that he randomly chose for his first ride a horse that was unknown to him, the Red Rum.

2. Lee Mack once lived with Noel Fielding

Early in his comedy career, Mack shared his flat with Noel Fielding, who, like him, is now a renowned British comedian.

3. He is a darts enthusiast

When Lee Mack isn’t kidding, one of the things he likes to do is play darts with his friend Tim Vine. Lee Mack holds the Guinness World Record for the most two darts in one minute.

4. His great-grandfather Billy Mack was also a comedian

The comedy happens to be in the line of Lee Mack. While appearing on the 2018 series of Who Do You Think You Are? Mack revealed that his great-grandfather was a jobbing comic and used the stage name Billy Mack.

5. He has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Lee Mack was diagnosed with the disorder in 2012. The disorder means Mack’s mental activity levels are always high and he has difficulty paying attention. It is also characterized by difficulty controlling age-inappropriate behavior.