Maddy Belle is a social media personality who has many followers on Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter and others. She is also a model for wearing bikini and lingerie.

If you wanted to learn all about Maddy Belle, this is your gift! What we have here covers most things you might need to know about the Instagram star.

Who is Maddy Belle? – Biography, age and ethnicity

The model was born on January 7, 1994, and raised in the United States of America. Details about her parents are not revealed and we cannot say yet if this young girl has a brother or a sister. This lack of information about her family is one of the very many things she has withheld from the public. Considering she only posts photos of her bare, nearly naked body in lingerie or a bikini, it’s hardly surprising.

Maddy received her secondary education in her birth country, United States of America. She attended Solon High School located in Solon, Ohio. It is uncertain, however, if this American Amazon star went on to study at university.

Another juicy thing about Maddy is the post she makes about her DNA test result. Maddy claimed that fans have asked her a lot of questions about her true ethnicity. So she decided to do a test to find out for herself and be extremely doubly sure. Well, what hit her on the back was so amazing. The star discovered that she had all the shades of a mix ranging from Filipino to German. Of course, her fans loved it and her followers grew.

Here are facts you need to know about the Instagram star

Maddy’s Rise to Fame

Her rise to fame began with her first video which she posted on September 25, 2015 on Instagram. Maddy is also thrilling her fans with tantalizing photo ops from her modeling gigs and some very hot pics. As expected, the model currently has over 1.4 million followers on her Instagram page. She also has a Snapchat account where her hot videos and photos also appear.

In August 2015, the American hottie joined Twitter with the handle MaddybelleTV and, like on her other social media accounts, the things she shares have kept her on trend. She has an incredible number of followers, more than 95,600 people. Her tweets sometimes contain very hot and sexy poses and videos which the twitter admin usually flags as sensitive information. She also has a second @maddybellesnaps account. A note of warning here, you will never want to be caught feasting on accounts on his social accounts by your parents, co-workers, and especially the public. Like you might come across as a thirsty perv or get the stares.

She is an actress

Besides being an Instagram star, a model for clothes and bikinis, and an awesome bike model, Maddy Belle is considered an actress by IMDb for her role in Wally Was Wasted. She is also considered a porn star. This might be the source of the experience she flaunts in her sultry social media videos. In these videos, she is seen touching herself and touching her genitals in very seductive poses.

The model can rightly be described as teasing. In several posts, she invites her followers to come feel, ride, or play with her companions and what have you. Maddy has a cute belly button ring and is known for sexually arousing her devotees.

his love life

It’s common for rumors to swirl about the I Love Life of famous people, but for Maddy, fans seem focused and delighted with her hot photos and videos. They don’t seem to be in a rush to give their favorite candy to anyone, girl or boy, and luckily nothing has surfaced yet. If she’s in a relationship, she does a very good job of confidentiality. She directed one of her tweets to her “future boyfriend” so we can easily conclude that she’s straight and not dating anyone.

Considering the various modeling shoots and gigs as she has done and with her rising notoriety on social media platforms, we’d like to believe that Maddy has acquired some money. Although there are no details about her net worth, we can assume that she is worth a fortune.