Social media, especially YouTube, has become a profitable tool in the hands of many young people, who have bothered to take advantage of its endless rewards. If you wonder how ordinary people like Memeulous become stars just by uploading videos, this would help you. So I suggest you keep reading. Most, if not all, YouTubers make money through five simple ways: ad sense, patreon, affiliate links, merchandise, and the most important of these is brand advertising. Brand ads provide YouTubers with most of the capital they generate. Essentially, the greater the number of viewers and subscribers, the more brands that would approach YouTuber to advertise on their channel.

British YouTube stars aren’t the most popular, but they’re doing well and gaining a lot of followers. Memeulous is one of the British YouTube vloggers looking to stand out on the social media platform. The YouTuber is hugely popular for his absurd humor videos, vlogs, movie parodies, and satire. Little is known about the YouTube personality, as he has kept much of his personal life out of sight. However, there is no indication that he has gained much popularity from his YouTube channel and has over 3.4 million subscribers.

He is a member of Con Academy, a fictional high school from the YouTube series called Con Academy. JackSepticEye, Dan Howell, Markiplier, etc. are among the other YouTubers in the series.

Memeulous Bio (Age)

Memeulous was born George Owen Andrew on July 10, 1998. We know absolutely nothing about his family. His parents’ names or what they do for a living are not known, nor is he known if he has any siblings. He may have had some form of formal education, but the exact detail of this is also unknown.

The best known fact about the British star is that he is a YouTube personality who uploads interesting videos to his channel dubbed Memeulous. He started the channel in September 2013 and since then has regularly used its contents. Four years after creating his channel, he reached the first milestone of one million subscribers. In August 2018, his number of subscribers doubled, and by January 2019, he had already amassed more than 3 million subscribers.

Memeulous has some content (notably its parodies) on its channels that has proven irresistible to its audience and keeps them coming back. He started his channel with his MLG parodies and was popular for them. His first two parodies – Harry Potter and the Stone of Noscoper and Harry Potter and the House of Memes – still get massive views till date.

In the first 10 months since he launched the channel, he continued to watch it with its parodies and video games. He has uploaded videos about games such as Club Penguin. YouTuber plays this game and provides some kind of commentary, sometimes with other YouTubers. He also uploads other video games while he reviews them. Roblox is another popular game he plays.

Memeulous recently appeared on a series called Last Month This Happened. It’s a monthly series where he uploads a video Once a month you talk about what’s been happening on YouTube or the internet in general in the last month. In addition to this series, Memeulous runs another series where he pays strangers to perform a comedic or humorous favor for him. In one, he paid a lady to be his fake girlfriend for a week.

Also, Memeulous performs analysis on photos or other videos it wants to discuss. He would choose a photo, video or topic and discuss it, sometimes with other YouTubers. When asked how the name Memeulous came about, he replied that it was a combination of Meme and Fabulous. Creative, huh?

Height and other facts about YouTube Vlogger

British star, Memeulous is a YouTuber who has gained a lot of notoriety online through her numerous video uploads. While researching his measurements, it was discovered that Memeulous is 5ft 3in tall, as he revealed on his Twitter account. However, other body measurements, such as his weight, chest size, arm, etc. are not known.


On Memeulous’ sexuality, it is unknown if he is straight, gay, or bisexual, as there is no record of his romantic relationships in any form on the internet.

Social media presence

Besides being on YouTube, Memeulous can also be found on other social media forums. He has a Twitter account where he is active and does not fail to give meaningful answers to questions asked by his subscribers. He currently has over 400,000 followers on the platform and is also active on Instagram where he has over 360,000 followers.

Net value

As a YouTube star who has over 3 million subscribers, it’s no surprise that Memeulous is living Vida Loca, thanks to his earnings. There is no other known source of income for the young man. A recent estimate shows that Memeulous has an incredible net worth of $5 million.