The world’s most popular video sharing platform, YouTube, has become a place for everyone. Whether you’re a gamer, beauty lover, comedian, or vlogger, there’s always room for you on the platform. Many people have achieved celebrity status through their YouTube videos and the famous American gamer MYSTIC7. The gaming legend opened his first YouTube account in 2013 and sparked a huge following among passionate gaming fans around the world. So far, her channel has amassed more than 1.7 million loyal subscribers and garnered more than 4 billion views on her videos. For his outstanding skills, the talented player won several world titles.

Who is MYSTIC7?

He is a renowned American gamer and YouTube celebrity, known for playing Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go!, Fortnite and DRAGONITE among others. The player, whose first name has been identified as Brandon, was born on October 11, 1997 in California, United States. Brandon holds an American nationality and belongs to the white ethnic group.

The young champion spent his early years in the California Bay Area with his family. He has a brother named Jake who he was raised with. However, there is not much information regarding his parents and family. Moreover, he did not give many details about his educational background and the schools he attended.

MYSTIC7 has become perhaps one of the most successful and well-known gaming stars on YouTube, all thanks to his effort, resilience, and consistency. He started playing games when he was very young and he started with video games. At the time, he never knew he would turn into a professional player later in life. However, when he became a teenager, he saw a light in it and decided to explore the world of his passion. This led him to join the online gaming community and start a YouTube channel where he can showcase his gaming skills for his fans to see and enjoy.

YouTube gaming career

The gamer started his first YouTube channel tagged MYSTIC7 in 2013 and after that he started posting his Pokemon Go gameplay videos. Following his unique style of play and the way he entertains his fans, he is starting to get a massive following and views on his channel. Later, he also joined the Clash of Clans gaming community where he also competed against other professional gamers online. He has also played other games such as Fortnite and DRAGONITE, among others.

Surprisingly, his outstanding performances have won him several titles including the TH9 Rank world title. He has also captured the hearts of his many fans by uploading detailed tutorials on how to play several games on his channel. Besides that, he also shares other videos about his daily life and experiences. He currently has over 1.7 subscribers and over 4 billion views on his videos.

He also has a second channel called Mystic7 Plays which he started in 2014. There he uploads Clash of Clans Royale, Fortnite, and Call of Duty gameplay videos. Although this second channel is not as big as its main channel, it recently reached a milestone with over 200,000 subscribers.

His net worth

Being active in the MYSTIC7 online gaming community has made his career an enviable sum for so many years. He earns his living through streaming videos, donations and advertising from major brands. According to sources, the net worth of the players is currently estimated at $1 million. Looking at its current pace, this amount will definitely increase in the near future.

Quick Facts About Brandon, The YouTube Gamer

1. He was born and raised in the Bay Area of ​​California and his star sign is Libra.

2. Mystic7 made a name for himself playing Clash of Clans for which he held several world titles.

3. He has a younger brother named Jake who often appears in his videos.

4. The player has never disclosed any information about his family including the names of his parents.

5. He’s still single and not yet married, but he reportedly had a relationship with a woman named Brianna.

6. Mystic7 is very tall and has a masculine physique; he rocks brown eyes and brown hair. However, his measurements are not available at this time.