I have always had a good dose of respect for women who innovate for the female population in the political world. Politician Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi, who is simply known as Nancy Pelosi in politics, broke all the shackles of the women’s barrier to become the first female Democratic leader in the House of Representatives. She also set a record as the first female Speaker of the House and this feat distinguished her as the first female politician to hold one of the highest political offices in the history of the United States of America.

Nancy Pelosi did not reach her exalted position by magic, she started as a volunteer and little by little she rose through the ranks, but her big break came in 1987, when she entered public service during a special election for California’s eighth district. Below are more details about the great woman of our time.

Biography, how old is she?

Nancy Pelosi was born in Baltimore, Maryland on March 26, 1940, the House Minority Leader is an Italian-American woman. She is the youngest child of Annunciata M. “Nancy” D’Alesandro (mother) and Thomas D’Alesandro, Sr. (father). Nancy’s father was a Democratic congressman from Maryland who was actively involved in politics. He also served as mayor of Baltimore. His older brother, Thomas D’Alesandro III, was also active in politics. He was a Democrat. From 1967 to 1971, he was mayor of Baltimore, but left politics by choice.

Her educational background can be attributed to the Institute of Notre Dame, which is a reputable Catholic high school for girls located in Baltimore, she later proceeded to Trinity College in Washington, D.C. where she earned a degree in political science. After graduating, Nancy got into politics and started volunteering for the Democrats. After her rise in the party, she actively participated in organizing parties as well as political campaigns until she attained the enviable position of the first Democratic leader of the House of Representatives as well as the first woman president of the chamber.

Who is Nancy Pelosi’s husband?

Nancy Pelosi, a seasoned politician, is a happily married woman. she is visibly married to Paul Frank Pelosi whom she met while still a student at Trinity College. The couple tied the wedding on September 7, 1963 at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen. They lived in New York for a time after their marriage, but had to move to San Francisco in 1969, where her husband’s brother is a member of the San Francisco City and County Board of Supervisors.

The couple have lived together since 1963 and share a total of five children which include; Alexandra, Paul, Jacqueline, Corinne and Nancy. One of their children – Alexandra is a journalist and was responsible for covering the Republican presidential campaign in 2000. Alexandra also produced a film based on the experience called Travels with George

Nancy’s husband, Paul, is a big name in the business world. He is the owner of Financial Leasing Services, a large venture capital and real estate investment firm based in San Francisco. The San Francisco Gate revealed that Paul spends three weeks a month in San Francisco running his business but devotes one week a month to his family in Washington, DC, where he spends quality time with his wife.

What is Nancy Pelosi net worth?

According to the observations of the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) who compiled their estimates based on facts and figures taken from public disclosures, the average female politician’s net worth has fluctuated over the years. In 2004, the CRP estimated Nancy’s net worth at $101,273,023 and ranked her 8th among the 25 richest members of Congress. Previously, in 2009, CRP ranked his 13th out of 25 richest congressmen and pegged his net worth at $58,436,537.

In 2012, Business Insider pegged the congresswoman’s net worth at $26.4 million. The tabloid also ranked her 13th out of 15 richest congressmen.

Also in 2014, Roll Call’s Wealth of CongressIndex pegged the Congresswoman’s net worth at $29.35 million and ranked her 15th out of the 50 richest members of Congress. According to Roll Call submissions, Nancy and her husband have properties worth an estimated $14.65 million. They include a commercial building in San Francisco and a St. Helena vineyard in Napa Valley worth $5 million, which is part of Roll Call’s bids. is that Nancy’s wealth has a lot to do with her husband’s heavy stock investments in notable companies such as Facebook, Shutterfly, Walt Disney, Apple, Comcast, etc. Call Call sets Nancy’s liability at $13.46 million – including mortgages on seven properties.