Richard Ira Vos is a great stand-up comedian, whose talent has made people smile. Widely known as Rich Vos, he struggled with alcohol and cocaine addiction and tried his hands but seemed to fail at everything, but he was able to cope with it all. He went to rehab for his addictions, found he loved making people laugh, and then decided to make a career out of it by giving it his all. Today, this decision turned out to be a good one and as you can see, it went pretty well for him.

And despite everything he’s had to go through, Rich Vos is still a happy guy who loves what he does, loves his family and does everything he can to have an awesome family and a great career. His life is an example that everyone has a hidden talent which, when improved and given the desired attention, will always guarantee success.

Rich Vos – Biography,

Rich Vos was born Richard Ira Vos on June 30, 1957, in Plainfield, New Jersey, a predominantly black-dominated environment and it was there that he was also raised. He grew up in a Jewish family and was still quite young when his parents divorced. Not much is known about his college education, but it is believed that he was never able to complete high school. He always had a great interest in stand-up comedy when he was young and he was able to watch it on television, including the Ed Sullivan Show.

His career in stand-up comedy began way back in 1984 in local clubs. He says he decided to go into acting full time because he failed at everything he tried to do. Def Comedy Jam was a show at HBO that featured African American comedians, but in 1995 Rich Vos starred on the show, becoming the first Caucasian to do so. According to him, the Woodstock ’99 festival he organized in July 1999 was the highlight of his career.

In 2001, he did a sketch he wrote on The People vs. Jerry Sadowitz on British television. That same year, I Kill Here, his stand-up comedy album was released. His DVD, Vos was also released in 2004. He was on Comedy Central Presents, where he produced a two and a half hour special.

He came third in the first season of Last ComicStanding, a show on NBC in 2003. He was given the name “Don” due to his rough and tough demeanor; he said it was probably because he was the most experienced in comics.

He was a regular guest on a radio show known as Opia and Anthony, and also brought on Patrice O’Neal, a fellow comedian on the show who eventually became a series regular. He was also a regular guest on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn which was shown on Comedy Central. Rich Vos chose to be on the show because his best friends were there and also because he lived very close to the filming location.

After releasing four comedy albums, her fifth album which was dubbed V was released in December 2016. It was a hit and resonated with her fans so much that it went to #1 on the iTunes and Billboard charts. The success reportedly came as no surprise to Rich Vos as it took him between a year and a half to two years to work on the album.

Net value

Vos is certainly not a new face in the industry, as he is one of America’s most popular comedians. He has been in the business for many years and apart from being husband and father, Rich Vos has earned enough income to support himself and his loved ones. In a recent estimate, he had a net worth of around $300,000. Looking at where he comes from, you can tell he did well.

Personal life – wife, daughters

Rich Vos has been married twice in his life. He was first married to a lady whose details are not known, a marriage union which would later end in divorce. However, the union produced two daughters; Ellen and Jessica, who were still young when their parents divorced. He makes sure he’s a part of his daughters’ lives and even had to move somewhere close so he could still see them.

He remarried Bonnie McFarlane who is also an actor. Bonnie is a Canadian-American writer and comedian who was born on a farm in Cold Lake, Alberta on March 28, 1973. The couple married in September 2005. Prior to getting married, the duo appeared on the second season of Last Standing Comic. They started a podcast together called My Wife Hates Me in November 2011. Their union is blessed with a daughter, Rayna Lynn Vos, born July 31, 2007.

How tall is Rich Vos?

Not much is known about the measurements of this brown-eyed comedian, but his billed height is 5 feet 6 inches. His weight is not known, but we can see that he holds really good shape and has a great statue. Born on June 30, his horoscope is Cancer and he certainly has the attributes.