Despite his difficult childhood, substance abuse issues and a track record of short marriages, Russell Brand, has made a name for himself as a top comedian, actor, writer, as well as radio host. At the very top, Russell also found himself advocating for people with the same story as his and added that he has been enjoying a stable marriage so far with his better half, Laura Gallacher, who also happens to be the mother of her two adorable daughters.

Learn about Brand’s family life, net worth, and other facts about this talented comedian below.

Short biography

Russell Brand was born in Grays, Essex, a suburb in England, to Ronald Henry Brand, photographer and Barbara Elizabeth. He was the only child of his parents to separate when he was only six months old. So he was raised by his mother. Her childhood became very rough when her mother, Barbara, was diagnosed with uterine and breast cancer. From the age of 8, Russell Brand had to live with different parents at the same time due to his mother’s unavailability throughout his treatment. He had the privilege of seeing his father only once in a while. However, Brand’s father would have exposed him to the bad life, as his father once took him on a tour to Thailand during which they visited prostitutes.


Russell Brand became known in the early 2000s for his comedies, and in 2004 at the Edinburgh Festival he performed solo; Better now with a scenario of its addiction. His appearance as a host of Big Brother’s Eforum show further spreading his fame.

In 2008, Brand starred in the comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which was a major hit for him. Lots of other comedies like Bedtime Stories, Get It Greek, and Jonah Hill Cast in He has also featured in movies like Arthur, The Storm, Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2 etc.

His writing skills were showcased in “My BookyWook”, a major breakthrough for him. In 2009, the book was published and lasted 5 weeks as a bestseller on the New York Times list. Russell Brand made a second outing; “My Booky Wook 2”, published in October 2010.

Net value

The iconic comic isn’t doing badly at all when it comes to his earnings and while his actual salary hasn’t been revealed, his net worth has been pegged at $15 million. Also, his wife, Laura Gallacher, has $5 million to her name.

Who is Russell Brand – Laura Gallacher’s wife? Daughter

Russell Brand is currently married to Laura Gallacher, a British actress and blogger known for her films; Spilled Milk, Persona and Freckles and Tyde. Laura also happens to be the sister of the famous TV presenter, Kristy Gallacher. Russell and Laura welcomed a baby girl named Mabel in 2016 and the following year they made their relationship official in August. In July 2018, the couple also welcomed a second daughter. However, the baby’s name has not been revealed.

In the past, Russell Brand reportedly had his first serious relationship with singer Katy Perry. They met on the set of the movie Bring Him to Greek and started dating a few months after 2009 and got engaged later that year in India. The following year, they linked up in Rajasthan on October 23, 2010 in the Hindu manner. However, their marriage only lasted 14 months, following Brand’s divorce petition filed on December 30, 2011. Katy was notified of the divorce via text message on December 31, 2011. Her divorce was finalized. legal in July 2012.

The following year, Russell Brand began dating Jemima Khan, but their relationship only lasted a year.


Due to his background, Brand has had many controversial issues that have made tabloid news over the years. In 2013, he was kicked out of the GQ Awards for posting offensive comments against Nazis. In 2012, he also received negative publicity for throwing a paparazzo’s phone out the window while trying to take a photo of him. In 2010, he made headlines for harassing a paparazzo who stood in his way.

More facts about the Russel brand

1. Russell Brand is a supporter of the Hare Krishna movement and has revealed that he does Transcendental Meditations as often as he can.

2. He had bipolar attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and was on a strict vegetarian diet.

3. Russell Brand has revealed he struggled with porn addiction.

4. The comedian has also been involved in campaigning for a wide range of issues from addiction to climate change.