Scott Aukerman is a comedian who has expressed his comedic side in many ways – as a writer, actor, podcast host, director and producer. However, Aukerman is most recognized for his contributions to the world of podcasting. He is one of the founders of the Earwolf podcast network. One of his best-known works is the weekly podcast Comedy Bang! Kick! which he started in 2009.

Scott Aukerman got his big break in the 1990s, thanks to being spotted by “Mr. Show” co-creator Bob Odenkirk at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles. Odenkirk was so impressed with his performance that he got him to write for the show. Aukerman also made occasional appearances on the sketch comedy show which ended in December 1998.

Aukerman’s work on the show earned him his first Since 1999, Scott Aukerman has turned his success on Mr. Show into an incredible career as a writer for TV shows. He has won an Emmy Award at least twice and was nominated in 2017 for a Writer’s Guild Award for writing the 88th Academy Awards.

Behind every successful man there is a woman, and for Scott Aukerman, that woman is Kulap Vilaysack. Aukerman is so much like his wife when it comes to what they do. Vilaysack is a comedian, writer, director, producer and podcast host. They are widely considered the power couple of the podcast. Here’s everything you need to know about Scott Aukerman’s wife.

Who is Scott Aukerman’s wife, Kulap Vilaysack?

They may have married in 2008, but Scottet Kulap have known each other since 1998, when Aukerman’s career was just beginning to take off. Kulap was only 18 at the time. It took them a year before they started dating and since then the duo have stuck with each other to help each other become the stars we all love today.

Their first meeting was during a taping for Mr. Storm, the sketch comedy show where Aukerman got his start as a writer. Kulap, born in Washington, DC, had moved to Los Angeles where she attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

Scott Aukerman’s wife, unlike him, had a littlerough childhood. Her family, originally from Laos, was forced by the Vietnam War to cross the Mekong to Thailand, where they lived in a refugee camp, after which they immigrated to the United States. They first landed in Washington DC, where Kulap is believed to have been born on May 11, 1980.

They soon moved to Eagan, Minnesota, where Kulap would spend most of his childhood. She would come to have two younger sisters named Anita and Alyssa. In Minnesota, her parents started a catering business where Kulpad helped wash the plates when she was old enough.

Kulap grew up watching her parents constantly in horrible fights and during one of their fights, she was met with the shock of her life when her mother revealed to her that the man who raised her (whom she had defended during frequent fights) was not his biological father. She was only 14 at the time. In 2014, she started a series of documentaries called Origin Story where she traveled to Laos to learn more about her roots and find her biological father.

But before Scott’s wife grew to the point where she could direct her own documentary, she was taking classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles where she was also performing. She started out making uncredited appearances in TV shows and movies. Her main interests were in television, where she performed in a handful of gigs from children’s hospital to her husband’s television series, Comedy Bang! Kick!

She is best known for Who Chartered? – a podcast that aired from 2010 to 2018 on her husband’s Earwolf podcast network. She has been hailed for creating Bajillion Dollar Propertie$. The fake reality TV show is a parody of Million Dollar Listing and Property Brothers. The show aired on Seso, NBC’s streaming service, but was left homeless after the network shut down the network in 2017.