Reddit user claims they sighted a ‘juvenile Sasquatch’ hiding in long grass leading other users to compare it to a beloved Star Wars character.

Taking to the subreddit r/bigfoot the user u/MonsterSlueth shared a picture of a large, black-haired creature hiding among long blades of grass with the caption: “Juvenile Sasquatch?”

The image of the ape-like creature sparked the imagination of many Sasquatch fans as they debated over what it could be and even compared it to Chewbacca from the Star Wars franchise.

One user said: “Chewbacca? That you?”

Another added: “I just hope it’s something. btw pareidolia, if you turn the photo to say 30-degrees, it looks like you get a new face. Weird.”

A third commented: “Wow that actually looks pretty good.”

The alleged Sasquatch was compared to Chewbacca from Star Wars
The alleged Sasquatch was compared to Chewbacca from Star Wars
(Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)
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A fourth wrote: “This doesn’t look like an ape. It has a human face. Unless it’s photoshopped really well, it looks like a possibility to me.”

However, other users had a more plausible explanation for the image as they claimed the image was taken through the glass of a museum display case of a zoo enclosure.

The user explained: “It’s 100% real but this is not a Sasquatch, you can see the reflection of a phone on glass this is just a picture of an ape.”

Another added: “The intentional blurring and decreased contrast of the photo is sus. My bet is this was taken at a zoo.”

Some believe the picture is Bigfoot and others believe it's an ape
Some believe the picture is Bigfoot and others believe it’s an ape
(Image: Getty Images)

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The news comes after a hiker claimed they might have found a footprint that proves the existence of Bigfoot, with internet users agreeing that it “clearly isn’t a bear“.

Taking to Reddit page r/Bigfoot, they uploaded a snap of the footprint and said: “Footprint found at the top of a hike in Big Sur, CA [California, US]. What do you guys think?”

The image shows a clear and deep foot imprint in some mud, and the hiker handily put their own foot next to it to offer some perspective of size.

Several people in the forum, which claims to be the “home of all things Bigfoot”, thought that the print may have been left by a genuine Sasquatch.

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