Zhenya Kotova may not be a regular on the catwalks of big fashion houses or the face behind the latest brands, but she’s definitely ready for the stars. Russian child model Zhenya Katava, with her twinkling blinders, has captured the attention of many and has continued to impress many since she burst into the limelight.

Although young, she is already more famous and successful than a good majority of models. Kotova has garnered an impressive following on Instagram and has a handful of dedicated followers on other social platforms. She has also appeared on the covers of popular magazines including Vogue Russia.

Biography of Zhenya Kotova

Zhenya Kotova is a young model born on July 4, 2007 in Russia. Her mother, Olga Kotova, is a makeup artist. She is raised alongside her two siblings; an older sister named Sasha, born November 10, 2005, and a younger brother named Hector; he was born on March 4, 2018. She is affectionately called Zheka by her family and close friends.

For her education, it is unknown whether she attends a regular school or is homeschooled. However, what is known is that Zhenya Kotova entered the child modeling industry. She has since graced the covers of various magazines, including the cover of the October 2015 issue of Vogue Russia. Besides, the young model has also worked for some of the top guns in the fashion industry like Carolina Herrera and has modeled for various kids lines like Miss Grant, Aletta, LesGamins, MonnaLisa, and Mischka Aoki.

Zhenya Kotova is undoubtedly on her upward path to fame and lasting success. She went on to land contracts with big names in the fashion industry to model their children’s line. She’s not about to slow down anytime soon and would definitely be considered one of the best models to ever be. Very soon, Zhenya Kotova will be among the highest paid models in the world, along with Kendall Jenner, Sofia Richie, Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid.

5 Fast Facts You Need To Know Zhenya Kotova

1. Zhenya is the middle child in a family of five.

As mentioned earlier, Zhenya Kotova has an older sister, Sasha, and a younger brother, Hector. The trio are deeply loved and cared for by their parents, Olga and Murchik Kotova. Her mother manages her career and social media accounts and is also a makeup artist, but it is unclear what her father’s profession is.

2. Kotova is also a dancer

If you can’t get enough of her modeling features, ethereal detail and sheer beauty, wait until you see her dance. Besides modeling, Zhenya is also a talented dancer. Videos of her dancing are available on YouTube.

Beyond dancing, she also loves gymnastics and often posts pictures of her workout on her Instagram account.

3. She signed a modeling contract early in her career

Although it’s unclear which agency is representing the model these days, Zhenya Kotova was previously signed to Alessandro Borelli Milano Modeling Agency.

In a bid to promote her career, she was interviewed by Radio Kids FM in early 2017.

4. She is active on social media

What is a career today without social media? Zhenya Kotova rightly used social media resources to advance her career and put herself forward. So far, she gets a good reward for her efforts.

The beautiful model has gained hundreds of thousands of followers on her official account. Moreover, she also has a Twitter account and often posts videos on YouTube.

5. Zhenya Kotova net worth

Zhenya may still be up there, but many are very interested in putting a number on how much wealth she commands.

Sadly, no number has been assigned to his net worth, but that wouldn’t be for long. While we await a reliable estimate of the value of her wealth, we can safely say that she is already set up for life to enjoy a life without financial hardship, due to her many lucrative modeling contracts and gigs. commercials she picks up all the time.